Saturday, June 19, 2004


"Acid rain" was once a big Greenie cause. It was said to be killing trees all over Europe and Canada and must be STOPPED!. We have not heard anything about it from them for a while now, however. The article from the year 2002 that I excerpt below is probably why

"British acid rain is good for Norway's trees, says a Norwegian scientific study. It wipes out damage caused by pollution from local industry and has helped the country's forests spread by a quarter in recent decades.

The report, by the state-run Norwegian forestry research institute, says that acid rain has been unfairly demonised. Svein Solberg, of the institute, said: "After 15 years' research, it is now clear to us that, as far as forests are concerned, our fear of acid rain was totally unfounded. "What we have found is that Norwegian forests have had a growth rate of some 25 per cent over the past 15 years and that acid rain is the reason."

The disclosure will severely embarrass the Norwegian environment ministry, which for at least 20 years has not missed an opportunity to take Britain to task over trans-border pollution. Most of the acid rain that falls in Norway, especially in the south, is believed to contain British pollutants because of prevailing winds".

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