Tuesday, June 15, 2004


The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is telling people not to believe EPA statistics! It turns out that even some SUV's get better fuel economy than EPA-favoured "hybrid" cars do. It shows once again that you cannot put your faith in anything touched by Greenies

"So many people have complained about disappointing fuel economy of gas-electric hybrid cars that the federal government is telling automakers to consider putting more realistic mileage labels on their cars or do a better job warning buyers that they won't get the advertised mileage....

Poor fuel economy has been among hybrid owners' top gripes, according to consultant J.D. Power and Associates, as much as three times as high as for other small cars and even surpassing that of owners of gas-thirsty sport-utility vehicles...

Hoping to clarify things for automakers, EPA is taking the unusual step of circulating this statement: "Long-standing EPA policy allows manufacturers to voluntarily use lower fuel-economy label values when they believe that a vehicle may be inappropriately represented by the EPA-calculated label.""

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