Tuesday, June 01, 2004


They attempt to deny us electricity by panicing us into allowing only the most impractical proposals. An Australian example of a recent Greenie newspaper article:

"The State Government's decision to build the Kogan Creek coal-fired power station adds fuel to a fire that is torching Queensland's future. Its five million additional tonnes of annual greenhouse gas pollution will add to global warming that is bleaching the Barrier Reef, sucking moisture from drought-stricken Queensland farms, and making it easier for dengue fever to spread.

Earlier this year, Premier Peter Beattie announced a historic end to broad-scale land clearing, and lauded Queenslanders as global warming warriors. Stopping the bulldozers will save millions of tonnes of greenhouse gases being pumped into the atmosphere. Burning coal to make electricity at Kogan Creek will make at least part of these savings futile. The biggest greenhouse polluters in Australia are stationary energy sources, like coal-fired power stations, followed by the agricultural sector and transport....

The only way we can reduce the threat of global warming to Queensland's economy and environment is to make large cuts in emissions across the board. Building coal power stations in a warming world is like trying to put out a fire with petrol.... "

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