Sunday, June 20, 2004


"A former Caltech economics instructor and co-creator of one of the Southland's most revolutionary clean-air programs is under arrest on claims she misused the program to defraud an energy company of at least $12.5 million.

Federal authorities Wednesday arrested Anne Sholtz, 39, at her Monrovia gym. The Bradbury resident is accused of falsely entering into a contract with an Exxon Mobil Corp. refinery and using forged documents to lure energy company AG Clean Air to buy pollution credits she never had.

Eleven years ago, Sholtz helped the South Coast Air Quality Management District design the Regional Clean Air Incentives Market. Known as RECLAIM, the pollution-control program allows the state's 350 largest polluters to exchange "pollution credits' among themselves while limiting the total amount of poisonous exhaust they generate from their factories and plants."

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"Public water agencies and private water companies mainly in Southern California are presently involved in an absurd race to erect costly new treatment plants to remove a chemical called perchlorate from drinking water. These new treatment plants are apparently mere modern hi-tech temples erected to the gods of water quality, as it has now been revealed by scientists that low level perchlorate found in drinking water is no more harmful than most substances found in the human diet. While water agencies are scrambling to rid drinking water supplies of tiny amounts of perchlorate, they continue to add disinfectants to water such as chloramines (chlorine and ammonia) that is toxic to goldfish while perchlorate is not. Another absurdity is that water agencies and companies are shutting down local water wells and paying 5 to 10 times the price for imported water supplies from the Colorado River Aqueduct that has the same concentration of perchlorate in it as the so-called contaminated water wells."

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