Monday, June 07, 2004


This shows that Greenies are all about control, not solving problems

"Householders will be restricted in their use of rainwater and backyard bores under a State Government plan to reduce water use. From July 1, anyone caught watering gardens or washing cars with rainwater or bore water from 10am-5pm will face a maximum $5000 fine. The exception will be for those using a handheld hose, bucket or watering can.

SA Water inspectors will police the new measures, expected to be approved by State Cabinet tomorrow. Environment Minister John Hill said yesterday the move was necessary to extend current water restrictions from SA Water customers to "all water users". "Whether you get water from the ground or a rainwater tank, ultimately it comes from one source - it falls from the sky. It shouldn't be wasted. "We're not saying you can't use rainwater (altogether) and the idea somehow individual rights are being interferred with . . . I find repugnant."

While conservation groups have welcomed the move, the Opposition, some councils and golf clubs have described it as "over the top" and "bizarre".

"We should be trying to give people incentives to collect their own water - this will just create a disincentive," Opposition leader Rob Kerin said. Unley Mayor Michael Keenan said: "It's bizarre. If you catch your own water in your own rainwater tank you should be able to use it on your own backyard when you wish.""

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