Friday, September 21, 2012

Pesky alterations to Google's program

Some readers here with RSS feeds may be seeing this blog within minutes of my putting it up.  That is normally fine.  I know my html and normally put up what I want to put up at  first go.

Just recently, however, blogspot have changed their blogging program in a very nannying way,  They have decided that only the first paragraph of a post can be italicized and only the first line can be indented.  And they IGNORE my html to the contrary!

So I have to go into the html produced by the blogging program and put it back to the way I uploaded it.  Quite incredible!

So it takes a few minutes for me to do that.  So if something looks skew-whiff or hard to follow  I am probably in the midst of fixing it

Nannying by people who think that they  "know better" has really become an epidemic.  Google obviously has the same mentality as NYC Mayor Bloomberg

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