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No dissent allowed

A skeptical event during the big global warming conference in Poland was shut down by U.N. officials

KATOWICE — The United Nations gave its blessing to a massive climate protest during the Trump administration’s pro-energy event today at the climate summit (COP24) in Poland, according to the U.S. delegation. The UN pre-authorized and pre-planned the wide-scale interruption that shut down the Trump White House’s pro-fossil fuel event.

Officials from the U.S. delegation told Climate Depot on Monday that the UN informed the U.S.  that the environmental activists would be authorized by the UN  to disrupt the U.S. event for at least “7 minutes” and the green protesters would be granted the floor, halt the event and give speeches during the U.S. event.

Like clockwork, when U.S. Special Advisor the to President, P. Wells Griffith of the Energy Department was speaking, the protesters began to laugh and chant about how the Trump administration was “funny” because they did not want to keep coal, oil and gas “in the ground.”

The protesters chanted “keep it in the ground” (fossil fuel energy which accounts for over 80% of world energy) to both the Trump administration officials as well as the climate skeptics who were seated in the front row.

The UN-supported protesters verbally targeted “climate deniers” Marc Morano of CFACT’s Climate Depot and author of the new skeptical book, and CFACT’s Craig Rucker and Adam Houser as well as author and writer Rupert Darwall, all of whom were sitting in the front row.

Climate protesters yelled at the climate skeptics, calling them “deniers” and “profiteers” and they also declared that “nuclear energy is genocide.”

CFACT president Craig Rucker commented, “It almost seems like the UN, by giving its stamp of approval to the protesters, it trying to punish President Trump for withdrawing from the UN Paris climate pact.”

When the “skeptic” Darwall responded to the protesters “rubbish,” there were calls to remove him immediately. “It tells you everything you need to know about their utter artificiality,” Darwall said.  “The one thing you can’t do at UN climate conference is heckle the hecklers. Instead, people are forced to listen to their childish ranting and be prevented from hearing what serious people on the platform had to say,” Darwall added.

“There should be an open and vigorous debate and it doesn’t help of the U.N. appears to have a dog in the race,” Kevin Mooney, an investigative journalist from Washington D.C. told Climate Depot.  Mooney added that instead of taking sides, the UN should hold a “detached, dispassionate position where protests are concerned.”


Extreme Fraud In The National Climate Assessment

People from President Trump down have mocked the recent National Climate Assessment as extreme scaremongering.  Climate historian Tony Heller has however gone one further and had a close look at their figures.  What he has found can only reasonably be described as fraud.  His posts are too extensive and too detaied for me to reproduce but go here for a detailed expose of this concoction of lies. Video version below

Subsidies for 'Renewables' on Chopping Block?

“As a matter of our policy, we want to end all of those subsidies.” That warning shot was given this week by Larry Kudlow, President Donald Trump’s economic adviser, regarding the future of electric vehicles. Currently, EV purchasers can take advantage of a hefty tax credit of up to $7,500. However, that tax credit is, at least notionally, slated for nullification. Kudlow added, “And by the way, other subsidies that were imposed during the Obama administration, we are ending, whether it’s for renewables and so forth.”

According to Reuters, “The tax credits are capped by Congress at 200,000 vehicles per manufacturer, after which the subsidy phases out. … Experts say the White House cannot change the cap unilaterally.” In other words, subsidy repeal should have been addressed long before Republicans lose their majority in the House next month. Nevertheless, the Trump administration’s position is salient.

Investor’s Business Daily opines that the eradication of subsidies “would be a major victory on the road to energy freedom.” The editors add, “No doubt there will be much wailing and gnashing of teeth within the Green Movement. How will electric cars survive without government’s guiding hand? The answer is, most won’t. Otherwise, the federal government wouldn’t need to subsidize them.”

At its core the government is aggrandizing certain products above others, which is antithetical to and a mockery of free enterprise. “Moreover,” Investor’s notes, “the dirty little secret of the electric-car industry is that electric cars are dirty, too, and not necessarily cleaner than regular cars. … A big reason for this is the electric cars’ batteries, the heart of the industry. Many of the batteries are built in high-pollution countries like China, Thailand, Germany and Poland, all of which depend heavily on coal for their energy. So the CO2 produced just in making the electric cars is far greater than for a regular, gasoline-powered car.”

Consider also the primary source from which these batteries are charged — fossil fuels. Or as Investor’s put it, “It’s like someone dumping their garbage on the lawn of a neighbor down the street, while defending their own yard as pristine.” And as far as slashing emissions? Economist Jonathan Lesser says, “The net reduction in carbon dioxide emissions between 2018 and 2050 would be only about one-half of 1 percent of total forecast U.S. energy-related carbon emissions.”

Finally, just like with state and local tax deductions, electric vehicle subsidies principally assist more wealthy individuals due to the bloated costs of EVs that make them unaffordable to most of the middle class. “Wind, solar and other ‘alternative’ energies are near-perfect examples of political cronyism at its worst,” Investor’s concludes. “They produce electricity at outrageously high cost. They aren’t necessarily cleaner or better for the environment than fossil fuels. And they require subsidies to privileged, politically connected groups to exist.”

For these reasons, Trump should pursue subsidy repeal, even if that means waiting until the next election. Now if only we could get him to see the similarities with King Corn…


Climate Change Alarmism Is the World's Leading Cause of Hot Gas
Even as anti-gas tax riots raged in France this week, naturalist David Attenborough warned a crowd at a United Nations climate change summit in Poland that “the collapse of our civilizations and the extinction of much of the natural world is on the horizon.” U.N. General Assembly President Maria Espinosa told the media that “mankind” is “in danger of disappearing” if climate change is allowed to progress at its current rate.

Speakers, who flew in to swap doomsday stories, advocated radical changes to avoid this imminent environmental apocalypse. These days, “the point of no return” is almost always in view yet always just out of reach.

Sorry, but by now, this rhetoric is familiar. You can go back to 1970, when Harvard biologist George Wald, riding a wave of popular environmental panic during the decade, estimated, “Civilization will end within 15 or 30 years unless immediate action is taken against problems facing mankind.”

Or you can go back to 1977, when Barack Obama’s future science “czar,” John Holdren, co-authored a book with Paul R. Ehrlich predicting that global warming could lead to the deaths of 1 billion starving people by 2020. (The authors theorized, “Population-control laws, even including laws requiring compulsory abortion, could be sustained under the existing Constitution.”)

Or you can go back to 2006, when Al Gore warned in his Oscar-winning documentary that sea levels would rise by 20 feet “in the near future.” The producers even offered chilling depictions of cities underwater. Gore was only off by 20 feet or so. Anyway, South Beach is still with us.

The problem for alarmists is that warming is now here — allegedly the cause of an untold number of disasters, small and large — yet somehow humanity slogs onward, living longer, safer, richer lives. People internalize this reality, no matter what they tell pollsters.

At a big 2005 conference of concerned climate scientists and politicians in London, attendees warned that the world had as little as 10 years before it would reach “the point of no return on global warming.” They warned that humans would soon be grappling with “widespread agricultural failure,” “major droughts,” “increased disease,” “the death of forests” and the “switching-off of the North Atlantic Gulf Stream,” among many other terrible calamities.

Who knows? Maybe one day, humanity will be ravaged by new diseases because of a rise in temperature. Right now, though, we are on the cusp of eradicating such diseases as polio, measles and syphilis.

There is new hope that all mosquito-borne diseases will be eradicated someday, that a cure for AIDS is within reach and that a vaccine will be able to cut Alzheimer’s disease cases in half. Cancer survival rates have soared.

So perhaps in some far-flung era, humans will be toiling in a dystopian world of “widespread agricultural failure” as alarmists have been warning for many decades, but trends do not look promising for the Chicken Littles. Since 2005, humans have seen a spike in the use of genetically modified crops, as well as advances in heat-resistant crops, leading to booming yields in agriculture. According to the U.N., there were 200 million fewer hungry people in 2015 than there were in 1990.

Although not so big as the massive spike in climate change hysterics since 2005, there also has been a spike in fossil fuel consumption among nations that are slowly embracing the most effective poverty-killing program ever invented by man. And capitalism, even its worst iterations, runs best on cheap energy. This reality has produced a giant reduction in poverty, the extreme variety being cut in half around the world, according to the World Bank. The less poverty there is the more cars we will see and the less the U.S. and Europe can do about it.

Fortunately, Attenborough, Gore and the 22,000 delegates attending the 24th Conference of the Parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change can’t begin to contemplate the staggering number of advancements in productivity and science that await humans.

Of course, simply because Malthusians have been completely wrong about human ingenuity and adaptability for more than 100 years doesn’t necessarily mean they are wrong now. On the other hand, at no point in history has a massive top-down social engineering project ever worked as intended. It’s worth noting, for example, that the 10 worst famines of the 20th century were caused not by the excesses of capitalism or by environmental disasters but by collectivists trying to control human nature.

Trade-offs, ignored by doomsdayers since the beginning of history, are something people intuitively understand. That’s why the fearmongering hasn’t worked and probably never will.


There are none so blind as those who will not see

World’s water supplies are shrinking, says the Australian guff below. How Warmists arrive at that absurdity time after time is a wonder.  Basic physics tell us that in a warmer world the oceans will evaporate off more and so MORE rain will fall.  And it is uncontested that the world has warmed by about one degree Celsius over the last century or so.

And CO2 levels have also risen a lot, though not in synchrony with the warming.  And high CO2 makes plants drought-tolerant, a result we see  in the greening of the Sahel, for instance.  The people behind the conference may be religious fanatics but they are not scientists.  They spit in the face of science

Climate change results of global significance, collected over the past few years by researchers at the University of New South Wales, will be discussed at a news conference in Sydney.

The research will show evidence that drought-like conditions are becoming more commonplace, and likely worsen in the years ahead. The research has identified the localised mechanisms driving this effect, and a way to predict how this global drying will unfold as the climate warms.

Evidence will also be shown that global warming has caused storms to change behaviour, leading to more intense downpours that quickly overwhelm stormwater infrastructure and create flooding in urban areas.

To cope, major investments will need to be made to re-engineer farms and cities – in some places, similar in scope to the Snowy Mountain Scheme. The researchers will call for a national conversation on the implications for Australia.

The results of these global studies, the most exhaustive ever undertaken, rely on actual data rather than climate modelling. They show that both of these effects – driven by global warming – will have serious consequences for cities and rural areas in Australia and around the world.

When:      9:00 am – 9.45 am, Thursday 13 December 2018
Where:     Theatre 8, Level 6, UNSW City Centre Campus

Media release. Contact: Wilson da Silva |


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