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December 31 Global Sea Ice Area Was The Largest Ever Recorded

Climate experts say that global warming is melting sea ice faster than expected, which is why the poles currently have the most sea ice ever measured for the date.


Central England Temperature Stats For 2013 now in
JANUARY 2, 2014

The CET numbers for 2013 are now issued. As I suggested in September, last year was the second coldest since 1996, second only to 2010, one of the coldest years of the last century.


* Three of the last four years have been the coldest since 1996.

* The 5-Year running average has been falling steadily since 2006, and now stands at 9.78C. It has not been as low as this since 1990.

*CET in 2013 was 9.56C and was only the 55th warmest since 1900.

*Last year was also the 107th warmest on the full CET record, going back to 1659, tying with 1900.

The full Met Office data for the UK is not out yet, but it looks certain that the UK as a whole will follow the same pattern.

With eight months colder than the 30-Year mean, a warm summer and mild end to the year were not enough to offset the cold first half.


Global Warming Propaganda & Global Warming Fact

PROPAGANDA: Global Warming Caused the Rise in Hurricane Activity.

FACT: 2013 was the slowest and weakest hurricane season in three decades.

PROPAGANDA: The increase and severity of storm activity all over the planet is caused by ocean surface temperature rise, a result of Global Warming.

FACT: Through the last century and a half, beginning after the rise of the industrial revolution with its steadily increasing CO2 and pollution levels, hurricanes occurred with decreasing frequency and decreasing intensity.

PROPAGANDA: The earth was born a rotating ball of liquid wherein its steady climate of moderate temperatures of a Petri Dish medium various forms of life evolved.

FACT. Less than two billion years ago a solid ball of ice, otherwise known as our planet, was rotating around the sun, a massive, nuclear heat source.

Then Global Warming began.

PROPAGANDA: The American Indian lived across the plains and valleys of the American continent, hunted and fished for over ten thousand years.

FACT. Ten thousand years ago there was an ice sheet covering the New York metropolitan region a mile high.

Then global warming began.

FACT. Since the ice sheets had melted, sea levels rose 400 feet. Before that, when the planet froze, water levels dropped 400 feet. Since the industrial revolution began, sea levels rose a few inches.

FACT. Not a single one of the “theories” and “models” proposed by the IPCC’s global warming proponents and Cap&Trade tax fans to transfer America’s wealth to the Third World had panned out. Moreover, reluctantly, the IPCC had to revise their estimates in light of the now documented fact that the globe has been experiencing a cooling trend for almost two decades.

FACT: CO2 levels rose dramatically before man stepped on earth. Recently and far less dramatically after the industrial revolution, and specifically during the last two decades, heat has fallen or stabilized and CO2 levels had continued to rise.


Obama Winter: The War on Coal

The high temperature tomorrow is expected to reach -11 in Chicago tomorrow. That’s without the windchill. We may face 48 hours of subzero weather for the first time in twenty years. About two feet of snow has fallen since New Year’s Eve where I live in Morton Grove, Illinois.

It’s snowing here as I begin this post.

Welcome to global warming–2014 edition.

Yes, I’m aware that a week of weather does not define our climate. But today’s a good day to delve into the White House global warming agenda and its War on Coal. Forty-five percent of our electricity comes from coal, which is an abundant domestic energy resource. Depending on who is doing the counting, anywhere from 207 to 285 coal plants are scheduled to close in the next decade. Citing climate change and its clean air regulations President Obama’s radicalized EPA–not our elected Congress–is behind the shuttering of these plants.

The ripple effects of the War on Coal will be widespread. With fewer coal plants, obviously there will be less need for coal miners. In a letter to the president, Democratic and Republican state legislators in Kentucky declared, “Coal is not just an energy source, it’s a way of life.”

You can make the same argument about coal and the rail industry.

Few commodities are as essential to railroads and railroad jobs as coal. Fully 25 percent of railroad revenue, one-in-five railroad jobs and 40 percent of freight cars owe their existence to coal, according to the Association of American Railroads.

That paragraph comes from the United Transportation Union, which endorsed the Obama-Biden ticket in 2012.

When less energy is generated, the cost of it goes up–of course that’s basic economics. Obama’s climate change agenda is not just a war on coal and other fossil fuels,  it’s also a war on American prosperity.

I just looked out the window. It’s still snowing.

It’s cold, but Obama Winter hasn’t arrived yet.


The Endangered Species Act at 40: Species Profiles

The ESA's record of success has been badly exaggerated, and the Act has been detrimental to the conservation of species it was designed to protect

Brian Seasholes

Since its passage in 1973, the Endangered Species Act (ESA) has become one of America’s most powerful and controversial environmental laws. With 2014 being the 40th anniversary year of the Act's passage, there has been a surge of interest in the Act.

Unfortunately, most analyses and reports repeat myths and misconceptions regarding the impact and value of the Act. For 20 years, Brian Seasholes has been investigating the ESA and other ways of conserving endangered species. In a series of analyses for Reason, he seeks to address the real impact of the Act and to propose practical reforms. Seasholes analyses address two primary issues:

The impact of the Act on landowners. The Act requires landowners who may have endangered species on their property to undertake certain activities and avoid other activities, on pain of severe penalties, but provides no compensation for the costs imposed (including devaluation of property). But this has the effect perversely and counterproductively of incentivizing landowners to make their property inhospitable to species. That is why the ratio of declining to improving species on private land is 9 to 1, whereas on federal lands it is 1.5 to 1. Private lands are the linchpin to successful endangered species conservation. Fully 78% of endangered species depended on private land for all or some of their habitat, compared to 50% for federal land.

The role played by the ESA in the recovery of species. Recovery, the ultimate goal of the ESA, means a species is in good enough shape to be removed from protection under the Act – otherwise known as “delisting”. (A species may also be delisted if it is extinct or if it was listed in error.) To date, 56 species have been delisted; of those, 10 are extinct and 18 were listed erroneously; the remaining 28 are alleged by proponents of the Act to have recovered due to protection under the ESA. (Among the recovered species are most of the “poster species” with which proponents sell the Act, four of which are profiled here; the bald eagle, American alligator, and two sub-species of peregrine falcon.) By contrast, opponents of the ESA allege that the Act has not been responsible for the recovery of these 28 species.

Unfortunately, to date these two opposing claims have almost invariably been made with little supporting evidence. Where evidence has been provided, it is often scant and without citation, so cannot be independently verified.

Brian Seasholes has undertaken profiles of eleven of the species claimed as recovered in an effort to provide something new and different: highly detailed examinations of the conservation of these species, including citations with which information can be independently verified. Links to the profiles are below:

Aleuthian Canada Goose (.pdf) — Summary (.pdf)
American Alligator (.pdf) — Summary (.pdf)
American Peregrine Falcon (.pdf) — Summary (.pdf)
Arctic Peregrine Falcon (.pdf) — Summary (.pdf)
Bald Eagle (.pdf) — Summary (.pdf)
Hawaiian Hawk (.pdf) — Summary (.pdf)
Hoover's Woolly-Star (.pdf) — Summary (.pdf)
Palau Fantail Flycatcher, Palau Owl, Palau Ground Dove (.pdf) — Summary (.pdf)
Tinian Monarch (.pdf) — Summary (.pdf)

If there is to be an intelligent debate about the Endangered Species Act, it is essential that it be based on facts and not mere assertions. These species profiles are an attempt to contribute to just such an enlightened and fact-based debate. The profiles reveal that for most of these species recovery owes little to the ESA. Worse, the ESA appears to have been detrimental to the conservation of many of the species.


Natural sun cycles will bring worst cold in 200 years

John L. Casey

"We are not capable of addressing climate change." Such was the lead sentence of climate-change guest columnist Gregory Willits, in the Dec. 24 edition of the Orlando Sentinel ("Let's accept climate change and deal with it in a big way"). It was an accurate statement to be sure, but for all the wrong reasons.

Willits, an avowed "green" enthusiast, went on to strongly support the building of sea walls to keep out the predicted rising sea levels that the world's greatest climate scaremonger, Al Gore, has said will swamp most of Florida with 21 feet of sea water by the year 2100. Yes, we are not capable of addressing climate change — the truth about climate change, that is.

The truth of what is really happening to the climate versus the United Nations and current U.S. government version is, however, a bit hard to accept after two decades of global-warming propaganda. I know. It was for me in April 2007, after finishing some research into solar activity.

I had concluded that global warming was ending and a potentially dangerous cold climate was beginning. Such was my first public climate prediction with several more to follow.

My announcement then to the White House, Congress and the mainstream media was, of course, greeted with the expected indifference, ridicule and even slander.

Now, it's almost seven years later, and the track record of my Space and Science Research Corp. in making major climate-change predictions is one of the best in the United States, according to public records.

To keep track of these predictions and the actual climate status of the Earth, the SSRC publishes the Global Climate Status Report. It is an authoritative, quarterly, apolitical, climate report published in the U.S., where anyone who wants the unvarnished status of the Earth's climate can find it. The latest edition, Dec. 10, shows that of 24 climate parameters, 18 show global cooling as the dominant trend. All may soon show a cooling trend.

My research, which incorporates climate data from government sources and the work of other researchers, shows that Earth's global temperature average has had no effective growth for 16 years.

More important, the Earth's oceans have been cooling for 10 years and the atmosphere for seven years. The global-climate models of temperature and sea-level increases that the United Nations' manmade global-warming zealots have used to justify their actions are simply wrong by a wide margin — not just in my view, but in the views of many other researchers around the world.

According to the hard climate data and not the politics of climate change, global warming ended years ago, exactly when it was supposed to, according to natural cycles of the sun, the primary controller of climate change on Earth.

The next climate change to a long, cold era may well reshape the future of humankind through massive global crop losses, social upheaval and significant loss of life.

Scientists at the Russian Academy of Sciences have said a new "Little Ice Age" will start in 2014. The SSRC and many other scientists worldwide say that the worst cold in more than 200 years is now upon us.

Further, if this next cold climate behaves like the last similar one (1793-1830), then we may also see some of the worst-ever earthquakes and volcanic eruptions. The sun regulates more than we have been told.

The sea walls and numerous other barriers to the truth about the Earth's climate status have already been built to enormous heights. We need no more.



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