Tuesday, August 24, 2010

A small comment on the variability of weather

Where I live in sub-tropical Brisbane, Australia, we are have our winters in July and August. And our winters are "aspirational". We have bright sunny days with blue skies, a few white clouds and midday temperatures that often need no warm clothes at all.

But winters are also generally dry. Brisbane gets a lot of light falls of rain throughout the year which keep the place green regardless of restrictions on watering our gardens -- restrictions made necessary by Greenie opposition to dam-building.

So our greenery does tend to wilt and brown up to some extent during winter. But this August has been very good. We have had several falls of significant August rain and it is raining as I write this. So everything has remained green during winter. If I were religious, I would say that the Good Lord has taken matters in hand.

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Anonymous said...

Excellent....A comment section...!
Greetings from Hampshire in rain sodden England.. What I would give for some bright Aussie weather...
PS. Love the blog, it is daily reading..
Regards..DP. aka Leaping Cat.