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Has the IPCC cast a horoscope for planet earth?

Astrologers make their predictions vague so that SOMETHING will confirm them. Warmists do better than that: ANYTHING confirms their predictions. Comment below by Prof. Roger Pielke, Jr

The World Meteorological Organization has issued he following statement: "Several regions of the world are currently coping with severe weather-related events: flash floods and widespread flooding in large parts of Asia and parts of Central Europe while other regions are also affected: by heatwave and drought in Russian Federation, mudslides in China and severe droughts in sub-Saharan Africa. While a longer time range is required to establish whether an individual event is attributable to climate change, the sequence of current events matches IPCC projections of more frequent and more intense extreme weather events due to global warming."

Even though the IPCC report can be parsed in many ways, I await the textual exegesis that supports the claim that the "sequence of current events matches IPCC predictions." This will be difficult given that the IPCC didn't even make projections for 2010. I welcome in the comments efforts to justify the claim by the WMO.

I am coming to the conclusion that there is something about the climate issue that makes people -- especially but not limited to academics and scientists -- completely and utterly lose their senses. The WMO statement is (yet) another example of scientifically unsupportable nonsense in the climate debate. Such nonsense is of course not going away anytime soon.

But because various unsupportable and just wrong claims are being advanced by leading scientists and scientific organizations, it would be easy to get the impression that on the issues of extreme events and climate change, IPCC science has a status similar to interpretations of Nostradamus and the Mayan calenders.


'Climate Astrology' Takes Hold

Here are two scientists who have accurately described this faith based climate “science”:

Japanese scientist Kanya Kusano, a Program Director and Group Leader for the Earth Simulator at the Japan Agency for Marine-Earth Science & Technology, has publicly declared that man-made climate fear promotion is now akin to “ancient astrology.”

Mathematical physicist Dr. Frank J. Tipler, Professor of Mathematical Physics, astrophysics, at Tulane University, agrees with Kusano. “Whether the ice caps melt, or expand --- whatever happens --- the AGW theorists claim it confirms their theory. A perfect example of a pseudo-science like astrology,” Tipler wrote on May 15, 2009. “It is obvious that anthropogenic global warming is not science at all, because a scientific theory makes non-obvious predictions which are then compared with observations that the average person can check for himself,” Tipler explained.

"As we know from our own observations, AGW theory has spectacularly failed to do this. The theory has predicted steadily increasing global temperatures, and this has been refuted by experience. NOW the global warmers claim that the Earth will enter a cooling period,” Tipler wrote.

'Medieval mystics...Palm readers and fortune tellers'

Scientist Dr. Doug Hoffman mocked warming predictions: "The whole enterprise is reminiscent of Medieval mystics claiming to predict the future while spouting gibberish," Hoffman, a mathematician and engineer, who worked on environmental models and conducted research in molecular dynamics simulations, wrote on October 13, 2009. "Palm readers and fortune tellers stand as good a chance as any in this game," Hoffman added.

Even religious leaders have recognized the scientific transition to paganism. See: Catholic Cardinal George Pell in 2006: 'In the past, pagans sacrificed animals and even humans in vain attempts to placate capricious and cruel gods. Today they demand a reduction in carbon dioxide emissions' ....

Now, quite simply anything that happens can be blamed on man-made global warming! The warming fear pushers have now sunk to the level of blaming prostitution on man-made global warming. Your daughter becomes a hooker, blame global warming!

If you are former Vice-President Al Gore, you can now claim man-made global warming is 'causing heavier downfalls of both rain and snow', never mind the fact that his 2006 movie “An Inconvenient Truth” never once warned of coming blizzards or record cold. (For counter see: Gore's February 'Un-Truths': No increase in moisture content...a definite declining trend over the last 60 years – the opposite of what Al Gore claims')

One of the biggest scientific laughingstocks when it comes to man-made global warming has turned out to be Obama's Nobel Prize Winning Energy Secretary Stephen Chu. Chu has descended into a deep faith-based science without peer among cabinet officials. Chu now apparently believes “predictions” are some sort of “proof” or “evidence” of what the Earth will be like 100 years from now.

Chu told a conference in California his prognostication. “At no other time in the history of science have we been able to say what the future will be 100 years from now,” Chu, the soothsayer, declared according to a June 28, 2009 article in Palo Alto Online News.

See: Obama's 'Climate Astrologer': Energy Sec. Chu claims he knows 'what the future will be 100 years from now' - June 28, 2009

Is science speaking into Sec. Chu's ear and telling him of what the future holds? Chu has reduced his scientific expertise to that of a televangelist who claims he hears God speaking to him.

The question looms: Shouldn't Sec. Chu be touting these scary predictions of the year 2100 on a boardwalk with a full deck of Tarot Cards? Imagine if a senior cabinet official in 1909 had stated he knows for certain what the climate and energy mix of the year 2009 will be. Any such cabinet official making such wacky statements would be laughed out of 1909 America, but in 2010 America, that same person gets some sort of odd scientific respect.


Superheat in Central Russia no indication of future climate catastrophe -- expert

Weather once again becomes climate when it suits the Warmists. Nobody mentions that while Russia is baking, South America is freezing amid record cold. So there is no "global" warming. Russia and South America roughly cancel one-another out.

Below is my rough translation of a report from Russia in German. I had time to do only the first two paragraphs but you get the idea -- JR

The abnormal heat which this summer has central Russia firmly in its grip is no indication of a future climate catastrophe and no pointer to a decisive climate change -- rather it is a precedented natural occurrence. So Mikhail Kabanov, Corresponding Fellow of the Academy of Sciences and adviser to the Institute for Climate and Environmental Monitoring, told RIA Novosti on Wednesday on Novosibirsk.

The fluctuations in this or the other direction in this or that region are entirely explained by the instability of the climate system. This changes regularly and produces various anomalies, including extreme ones. The weather conditions this years are just a testimony to that, said the expert

More HERE (A few more bits translated here)

Target: Monckton

Lord Monckton is under attack, a sure sign that he’s winning on warming. Monckton fights back and refutes Prof. Abraham

Have you noticed the kicking around that CFACT Advisor Lord Christopher Monckton's been getting lately? Add to the title “Viscount of Brenchley,” “whipping boy du jour.” Seldom a recent day goes by without some new name calling or conspiracy theory attacking Lord Monckton echoing through the left-wing blogosphere.

Why is Chris Monckton the victim of a global warming attack campaign? Effectiveness. Few have been so brilliantly effective at debunking the global warming scare as this compellingly articulate British Lord.

Lord Monckton does his homework. He scours the scientific literature. He devours every word and graph. He is in constant contact with a vast network of leading scientists throughout the world. He wades past the executive summaries and masters the details. He checks the math, checks the logic, and checks the consistency of what is claimed about our climate. He synthesizes global warming science and policy raising vital questions that provoke thought in the mind of any expert or layman with an open mind.

Despite the nearly unimaginable sums available to the global warming folks – despite their command of the media, the politicians in their thrall and the carbon profiteers lining up at the taxpayer's trough, Lord Monckton and his allies are winning. Like the child who revealed that the Emperor had no clothes, Lord Monckton wakes the good sense of those who hear him. The public has caught on.

The warming propaganda machine has lost its momentum and is desperate to get it back. They want to silence Lord Monckton and remove him from the field. To that end they'll say anything. They attack his title hoping we won't notice that every British Viscount has a right and by long tradition is called “Lord.” They attack his graphs and charts, hoping we won't bother to learn that most of his data comes straight from the International Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) and the sources it cites. Lord Monckton had hoped that by using the IPCC's data warming advocates would be forced to debate the merits. Sadly, they continue to alternate between mocking the data and restating their conclusions as received wisdom. Yet when granted a fair forum for debate, it is Monckton who triumphs. Just weeks ago his team of experts were voted the winners in a warming debate at the Oxford Union – a treasured haven of free thought.

Last year Lord Monckton gave a presentation on global warming in St. Paul Minnesota that became a sensation on YouTube. This inspired Prof. John Abraham of the University of St. Thomas to attack his presentation in a lengthy video. Lord Monckton has refuted Prof. Abraham using his own medium. The first of a series of videos setting the record straight are being released today and we invite you to view them.

As CFACT has said before, the chain of logic behind global warming claims does not hold up. Lord Christopher Monckton will neither be silenced, nor ignored. As Mahatma Gandhi told us, "first they ignore you, then they ridicule you, then they fight you, then you win."

SOURCE. (Video at link)

The “Green” Assault on America Continues

At the end of the Cold War, there was an influential sentiment in academic and business circles that the nation-state was going to lose its central position in world politics that it had held since the Peace of Westphalia in 1648. The nation would be assaulted from both above and below. Globalization would shift authority to “higher” planes like the United Nations, while sub-national interest groups would pursue their own agendas indifferent or hostile to society. Allegiances would shift. Corporations would follow profits, not the flag, and non-government organizations (NGOs) would place ideology above country.

Most Americans have paid little attention to such musings, even though they have been affected by them. The “globalization” of production has seen the offshoring of jobs, but few people feel any allegiance to business firms. They live in societies, not corporations. In the midst of the worst economic downturn since the 1970s, what is on the public’s mind is how things are going here, in the United States. Citizens expect their government to protect their prosperity and security; rebuild the national economy, and protect them from foreign rivals.

If it holds that the “cap and trade” legislation that would have increased the cost of energy, thus crippling economic recovery, is dead in this Congress, then the integrity of the nation-state has survived. The Senate could not find a majority that was willing to sacrifice American progress for the “benefit” of the outside world. But the nation’s future is still endangered from the UN and the NGOs.

The third round of UN “climate change” negotiations this year was held August 2-6 in Bonn, Germany. Over 3,000 people attended. These included delegates from 178 governments, but also representatives from hundreds of NGOs. The purpose was to continue work on a binding treaty to be adopted in Cancun, Mexico in early December. The agreement would subordinate national economic growth to a “global” framework that would redistribute wealth and power in accord with an ideological program.

The UN Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) poses the same unacceptable terms for the United States and the other Western industrial nations as has been the case since it was created in 1994. The new Executive Director is Christiana Figueres, an anthropologist from Costa Rica who has worked with the UNFCCC since its establishment. She believes “More stringent actions to reduce emissions cannot be much longer postponed and industrial nations must lead.” Her country is not, however, one of those designated to reduce emissions and suffer a fall in living standards as a result.

Though 190 entities have signed the 1997 Kyoto Protocol, only 37 (virtually all European) are considered “industrial economies” subject to mandatory emission cuts under the agreement. The rest could sign on without any obligation other than to pressure the Western countries to go into economic decline. The Ad Hoc Working Group on Further Commitments for Annex I Parties under the Kyoto Protocol (AWG-KP) is one of the primary forums meant to pressure the West to make more crippling cuts beyond 2012. Fortunately, the United States has not ratified Kyoto. Even President Barack Obama could not accept an unbalanced agreement based on it in Copenhagen last year.

Yet, the UNFCCC continues on the two-track system where all the costs are to be borne by the developed countries while the mass of developing countries—led by China, India, Brazil and South Africa, remain free of anti-growth mandates. The developed countries are only urged to limit the growth of emissions, rather than be required to reduce them. The developed states are to transfer technology and capital to the developing states and watch passively as industries migrate from countries with restrictions to those who remain free and open for growth.

The developed countries are expected to provide the developing world with $30 billion by 2012 and $100 billion per year by 2020 to fund “climate adaptation” programs. ‘Developing nations see the allocation of this money as a critical signal that industrialized nations are committed to progress in the broader negotiations,” said Figueres. Indeed, this year’s negotiations seem much more focused on how to grab a slice of this financial pie than about climate change, a topic hardly anyone really cares about because it is widely regarded as hokum. The big issue is whether the funds will be distributed through the UNFCCC or the World Bank.

NGO Friends of the Earth opposes the World Bank because it is “controlled by rich countries and is the largest international lender for fossil fuel projects.” The Green NGOs have consistently favored the claims of the developing countries at the UN, continuing their antipathy towards the economic success of the “rich” Western world. Hatred for the U.S. and Western civilization in general is what spawned the environmentalist movement in the first place out of the “anti-imperialist” New Left of the 1960s. The first Earth Day was in 1970. Its rallies were attended by the same activists who were burning American flags protesting the expedition against communist sanctuaries in Cambodia that year.

The theme was that the U.S. must be brought down, both at home and abroad. Reducing America’s wealth would reduce its power, which the New Left considered an evil influence on the world. As aging Weather Underground radical Jeff Jones wrote in 2008, “There can be no solution to the world’s environmental crisis as long as Americans enjoy their rapacious and engorged standard of living at the expense of the health and survival of billions of other.” He traced this feeling back to 1969, when Students for a Democratic Society “famously announced that those of us living in the heart of the imperial empire were going to have to give some of it back.”

The global redistribution scheme at the UN will hopefully fail to produce a treaty this year for the same reason it failed last year; the clash of national interests. But the Green NGOs will still be hard at work trying to cripple the U.S. economy from within, pushing for higher energy taxes, and blocking new coal and nuclear power plants, oil drilling and refineries, and in some cases even the construction of windmills and solar farms.

As Darren Samuelsohn wrote in Politico Aug. 7, Green groups “are hoping to defend and expand on state and regional climate laws and compacts, including a carbon market for power plants operating in the Northeast and emerging systems in the West. And they will work at the state public utility commission level to make carbon dioxide emissions a crux in reviewing permits for new and existing coal-fired power plants.” Enormous sums are being mobilized. “The Sierra Club is spending $18 million and has 100 people across the country working on challenges to coal-fired electricity, said Michael Brune, the group’s executive director. He hopes to increase the budget to $25 million next year,” reported Samuelsohn. The Environmental Defense Fund was cited as having spent $20 million on “cap and trade” lobbying. The Union of Concerned Scientists, who spent the Cold War trying to disarm America, is now working to impoverish it.

The irony is that those who give the most to these Green groups probably enjoy the kind of life-styles the radicals wish to end. It is Lenin’s old adage with a twist; the donors are buying the rope that will be used to hang them.

For those Americans who do not want their lives to be made worse, or for their children to grow up in a country unable to provide the same opportunities for advancement as were open to previous generations, the need is to defeat the Greens at all levels, global, national and local. While it may be impossible to understand why some people turn against their country; the task is not to understand them, but to stop them. The head-shrinkers can deal with them later, once the path is cleared for the rest of the country to move forward.


The EPA Must Be Stopped!

By Alan Caruba

On August 12, the Environmental Protection Agency sent out a press release, “EPA Proposes Rules on Clean Air Act Permitting for Greenhouse Gas Emissions”.

It is a frontal attack on the U.S. economy that is currently in the throes of a decline that has not been seen since the Great Depression. If the EPA succeeds in this Big Lie, the provision of affordable energy in America will cease.

“The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency is proposing two rules to ensure that businesses planning to build new, large facilities or make major expansions to existing ones will be able to obtain Clean Air Act permits that address their greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions.”

The Clean Air Act does not cover carbon dioxide (CO2) which the EPA deems the primary GHG. This is because poses no threat to the environment and, indeed, is a vital and essential element of the environment insofar as all vegetation from a blade of grass to a giant Sequoia tree is dependent on it for growth.

Moreover, the proposed regulation of CO2 is based on the global warming fraud that says that it is responsible for a significant warming of the planet. There is not a scintilla of proof of this and, indeed, the Earth is presently in one of its natural cycles of cooling, not warming. Thus, there is no scientific justification for the regulation of carbon dioxide no matter how many times the EPA says there is.

The EPA release says “projects that will increase CHG emissions substantially will require an air permit.”

If American industry, particularly the targeted “power plants and oil refineries”, are required to get GHG permits, it will put yet another huge sector of the nation’s economy under the thumb of the most insidious exponents of the global warming fraud, enemies of any economic growth.

“The Tailoring Rule covers large industrial facilities like power plants and oil refineries that are responsible for 70 percent of the GHGs from stationary sources,” says the EPA news release.

What it doesn’t say is that this power to regulate that does not exist in the present Clean Air Act.

It will cause electricity costs to skyrocket along with gasoline and all other oil derivatives. It will utterly wreck the U.S. economy that is already in dire straits.

If an invading nation had imposed these kinds of restrictions on Americans, we would be in the streets with guns and any other means to fight them.

There is NO global warming. Carbon dioxide plays NO role in this non-event. This is regulation by deception, by lies, by the arrogance of environmentalists who view the human race as a cancer on the planet. And, naturally, they have waited until Congress has gone on recess to “propose” this attack on the nation.

Take action! Contact your Representatives and Senators. Drown the White House in protests. The EPA must be stopped!



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