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Newt Gingrich blasts Pennsylvania Democrats' entry in 'green' energy initiative

Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich slammed both President Biden and Democratic governors on 'Hannity' for compounding disasters and refusing to pivot like Clinton.

Democrats nationwide are showing their preference for party doctrine over the economic well-being of their constituents, led by President Biden's pursuit of a green agenda, former House Speaker Newt Gingrich said Wednesday.

Gingrich said Biden is unrecognizable compared to Democratic presidents like Bill Clinton, whom he said acknowledged initial policy failures and politically pivoted to the center in 1996.

"Every aspect of American life is being deteriorated right now," Gingrich told "The Ingraham Angle," pointing to a woman from his home state of Pennsylvania who personified the "compounding" crises of the Biden administration.

The woman, from Washington, Penn., in the commonwealth's industrial southwest, has regularly been going to "four or five" grocers in search of baby formula, but has run into spiking gas prices.

"She can't afford the gasoline to go to four or five stores," Gingrich explained. "So these become compounding disasters."

Gingrich, who grew up in Hummelstown, outside Hershey, said Democrats like Gov. Tom Wolf are further compounding the economic strife being felt in such states.

"[Wolf] just signed an executive order that will punish western Pennsylvania for producing natural gas," he said of the governor's unilateral entry into the RGGI pact. "This is at a time when the Marcellus Shale has 400-years' supply sitting right there in Pennsylvania."

"But the governor can't get out of it because his Left would rather punish Pennsylvanians in the name of their ideology," he said.

In response to that move, two Republicans — GOP gubernatorial nominee Doug Mastriano and state Sen. Scott Hutchinson — introduced a bill to slash energy production regulations and withdraw Pennsylvania from the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative (RGGI).

The senators nodded to rising energy costs, arguing in a statement that the state's bountiful natural gas and coal resources should render it "immune to energy cost volatility" in the absence of added regulations.

America's first successful oil well was drilled in Hutchinson's district in 1859.

Gingrich added that the Pennsylvania case will not be the last instance of Democrats doubling down on policies that will hurt their constituents in favor of adhering to party doctrine.

"I think you're going to see this across the board. I don't think they can change. And I think if they try to change their party, will have a civil war."


‘Unprecedented Level Of Federal Overreach’: 16 Governors Urge Biden To Rescind Costly Wall Street Climate Rules

A coalition of 16 Republican governors sent a letter Tuesday to President Joe Biden, urging him to rescind a proposal introducing a series of climate requirements for companies.

The recent Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) proposal, which forces publicly-traded companies to share so-called climate change risks and greenhouse gas emissions, would harm businesses and investors by adding high compliance costs, the governors argued in the letter addressed to both Biden and SEC Chairman Gary Gensler. The climate disclosure rule, they added, would also represent an overstepping of the SEC’s authority.

“The unprecedented level of federal overreach makes your proposed rule an especially dangerous step,” the GOP governors led by Utah Gov. Spencer Cox wrote in the letter. “The SEC’s congressionally directed mission is to protect investors, facilitate capital formation, and maintain fair, orderly, and efficient markets.” (RELATED: Democrats Look To Sustainable Investing Craze As Means For Pushing Climate Agenda)

“The proposed rule degrades and undermines that mission by injecting subjective political judgments on climate policy into corporate disclosures, in a manner calculated to harm the states that provide for America’s energy security,” the letter continued.

The climate rule, which the Democratic-majority SEC proposed on March 21, would introduce about a dozen new requirements related to climate change risk for companies to comply with. The SEC acknowledged that the proposal would have a relatively larger impact on small companies forced to analyze supposed risks to climate change.

The governors’ letter Tuesday was filed as a public comment in the federal register where individuals, interest groups and others have shared more than 1,300 comments on the proposal. On May 9, the SEC extended the public comment period to last until June 17.

Cox and the 15 other Republican governors argued that the rule is “especially foolish” since Americans continue to face increasing pump prices and electricity costs.

“Americans are struggling to pay their bills during the worst inflation in decades, and they expect their federal leaders to do everything possible to bring down prices, not place additional burdens on businesses and increase the uncertainty they face,” the letter concluded. “We strongly urge you to withdraw the proposed rule.”

Governors from Alabama, Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, Idaho, Iowa, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, North Dakota, Oklahoma, South Dakota, Texas, Utah and Wyoming signed the letter.


Global freezing? Arctic ice levels reach 30-year HIGH

The World Economic Forum (WEF) recently convened its annual conference in Davos, Switzerland, to discuss the “climate crisis.” It was revealed there that arctic ice is currently at a 30-year high, according to data from the intergovernmental European Organization for the Exploitation of Meteorological Satellites.

Globalist groups like the WEF have been pushing for years to redistribute the wealth of nations as a “remedy” for alleged global warming and climate change. It turns out that the real problem might be global freezing. (Related: Remember back in 2017 when an arctic science expedition got caught in too much ice?)

One of the primary metrics used by climate fanatics to make their wild climate claims is arctic ice. We have been told for years that the polar ice caps are melting, which Al Gore infamously said would cause flooding due to sea level increases.

“In 2007, Al Gore began warning the world that scientists were predicting that by 2013, the Arctic would be ice-free during the summer,” writes Art Moore for WND about how wrong these fanatics ended up being with their climate hysteria.

Climate change skeptic Tony Heller remains an outspoken critic of all this wrongness by the climate cult. Last September, he wrote a piece about how the Arctic Ocean gained a record amount of sea ice for that time of year.

“Most years the Arctic loses ice, but this year ice extent has increased,” he tweeted, further noting that this would not get reported on by the likes of CNN, The New York Times, or BBC News.

Last summer, sea melt was the lowest it has been in 15 years while the expanse of the Antarctic Sea was well above average. All of this points to the fact that the planet is not warming; if anything, it is freezing – or better yet, it is just normal based on shifting climate cycles that have been occurring since the beginning of time.

Even so, the corporate-controlled media continues to fearmonger about the fictitious notion of global warming. The Times, for instance, published a story last fall claiming that climate change is “the greatest threat to global public health” that exists.

The solution, of course, is more government control over people, more taxes, and more tyranny. This, the “experts” claim,” will keep the planet at just the right temperatures.

The Biden regime is also on board with this agenda, as its Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) issued an announcement about how it plans to treat climate change as a public health issue.

By doing this, the government has now granted itself the authority to invoke emergency powers just as it did with the Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19), except this time the restrictions will include things like curbing private vehicle use and limiting the amount of animal products people consume.

Fossil fuels like gas and oil are also slated for elimination, only to be replaced with highly unstable and unreliable “green” technologies such as wind and solar.


Prominent Australian conservative politician issues a dire warning to Australia NOT to ditch coal with the country in the grips of an energy crisis as Germany announces that it could switch on coal power plants once again

Barnaby Joyce has called for Australia to generate more coal-fired power to ease the energy crisis as power bills soar.

The former deputy prime minister said Australia should follow European nations including Germany, Italy, Bulgaria, Romania and the Czech Republic which plan to burn more coal as a temporary measure while they reduce reliance on Russian gas.

Sanctions on major oil and gas exporter Russia over its invasion of Ukraine as well as soaring demand after Covid-19 lockdowns have seen global energy prices skyrocket.

Germany has drawn up a bill this week ordering coal power plants that were due to shut down to be maintained on standby in case they are needed at short notice.

Financial comparison group Finder is predicting Australian electricity prices could double in July, taking average monthly bills in NSW from about $120 to $240.

Mr Joyce, who is against Australia's net zero carbon emissions by 2050 target which his own government implemented, said one solution is to burn more coal and gas.

He blasted the Coalition for not building more fossil fuel plants or nuclear power stations which are banned in Australia.

'We've sort of gone off on this tangent that we don't need coal fired power, we don't need baseload power,' Mr Joyce told 2GB on Thursday morning.

'And of course that's like saying you don't need a roof, that you can live alright in your house if you just wear a coat and unfortunately these chickens are coming home to roost.'

Labor Treasurer Jim Chalmers takes the opposite view, insisting that a 'decade of inaction' on renewable energy under the Coalition government has left Australians paying more for their power.

'These are the costs and consequences of almost a decade of a former government which had 22 different energy policies, a range of different energy ministers, and didn't take the steps that we needed them to take,' he told reporters on Thursday.

Dr Chalmers said the Coalition had failed at 'improving transmission, getting cleaner and cheaper energy into the system, or injecting some certainty in the market so that we can get the investment that we need.'

The new Labor government wants 82 per cent of the nation's electricity to come from renewable sources by 2030 and believes this will bring down power prices because hydro, solar and wind energy is cheaper.

Currently about 60 per cent of Australia's electricity comes from coal, 32 per cent from renewables and eight per cent from gas.

Mr Joyce, who was toppled as Nationals leader on Monday, said he wants to change public opinion to garner support for more coal and gas.

'What we have to do now is get the attitude change in the public that you want to get baseload power up and running,' he said.

'You want to get the coal fired power stations up and running. You have to seriously consider nuclear because the alternative is coming to you in the mail and it's called the power bill and it's going through the roof.'




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