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Climate Change Anti-Trump Protesters Leave Streets Of London Littered With Trash And Signs

Typical Leftist elitism.  They think that some "little people" will pick up after them

Thousands of left-wing protesters took to the streets of London to protest President Donald Trump’s state visit and while they appear to have an edge on their American counterparts when it comes to creativity, the demonstrators have proven to be every bit as hypocritical, preaching about the environment while leaving piles of trash for others to clean up.

Feminists, environmentalists, peace activists, trade unionists and others turned out to express their anger over Trump’s lavish royal welcome, crowding the government district as the president met Prime Minister Theresa May, the Associated Press reported.

By the way, what’s not getting nearly as much attention is that thousands turned out in support of President Trump, as well. “We love Trump!” the friendlies can be heard chanting.

Having served their purpose, mounds of protest signs were left behind — it seems the left in England have yet to learn the lesson liberals in the states got from the tea party, that being that hand-made signs look more authentic than professional made signs that give away the moneyed leftist institutions driving the protests.

The great irony here is that many who oppose Trump do so out of concern for the environment.

During the protests Jeremy Corbyn, the leftist leader of the Labour Party, ranted about climate change, which he believes Trump doesn’t take seriously, and about being more accepting of illegal immigration.

“Can we stop treating people who travel for a place of safety, escape from oppression, from climate change-induced degradation or economic poverty to try to make their contribution to the world — don’t treat them as enemies, treat them as fellow human beings and citizens of this planet who deserve our support, our sympathy and our understanding,” Corbyn said, according to the Daily Mail.

Corbyn declined an invitation to attend Monday’s state banquet for the president at Buckingham Palace, but sought a meeting with Trump, according to the AP. The president turned him down, calling Corbyn “somewhat of a negative force.”

“He wanted to meet today or tomorrow and I decided I would not do that,” President Trump reportedly said.

And while many of the protesters held signs about the environment and were lectured by Corbyn, the lesson didn’t take.

The spectacle was summed up well in a tweet from the deputy political editor for the Daily Mail, who called it a “load of lefty crap.”


Question for Climate Panel: What About the Thawing of Long-Frozen Microbes Buried in Permafrost?

Bureaucrat  waffles in reply.  I would have replied that the only evidence for it is anecdotal

Of all the pressing problems in the world, here's another one to put on the list -- or not.

At a hearing of the House intelligence committee Wednesday, Rep. Jackie Speier (D-Calif.) asked a climate change panel about the risk of prehistoric germs coming out of hibernation:

"As the globe heats up, scientists assess that long-frozen microbes buried in the permafrost will be exposed, potentially carrying diseases to which no living human has natural resistance," Speier said.

She noted that in 2016 in Siberia, a 12-year-old boy died and 20 more were sickened by anthrax after a 75-year-old reindeer carcass thawed during a heatwave, infecting the local water supply.

She asked about the burden that "prehistoric germs" could place on local health systems and how they could impact our military readiness.

"Thank you. That's a really good question," Dr. Rod Schoonover, a State Department analyst on national security and climate change, responded. "It's actually a really good illustration of a class of national security problems that I think of in terms of climate-linked surprise," he said.

"If you had assessed ahead of time what the risk from thawing caribou from the permafrost would be, no one would have an answer, but once it presents itself, it makes sense."

He continued:

And so, I don't really know what the level of exposure is, and I would look to the scientific assessment on the prevalence of that. One of the things that it is sometimes hard to do is to separate anecdote from trend.

But emergent diseases, or re-emergent diseases, from previously -- from frozen permafrost, for example, provided, I think, if it were recent enough -- if it goes back too far, it might not have the degree of infectibility on human beings.

But I'm speculating there. But I do believe that there is probably some emergent risk for humans and animals that humans depend on.


France to propose new tax on flights in Europe

The airline sector is coming under increasing pressure from so-called "flight shamers" and climate change activists who point to the industry's large carbon footprint.

France on Thursday will propose a new tax on flights in Europe to encourage travellers to switch to less polluting forms of transport, a source in the transport ministry told AFP.

The airline sector is coming under increasing pressure from so-called "flight shamers" and climate change activists who point to the industry's large carbon footprint.

The French government will propose that the European Union adopt a new tax on air travel, which could be in the form of an extra levy on fuel or tickets, or changes to the European carbon emissions trading system.

"Different charges could be considered to reinforce the principle of 'polluter pays' and France believes that they should be weighed up in order to find the best way of doing it," the source said on Wednesday.

"Given the scale of the climate challenge, France believes that we need to go further and more quickly," the source added.

The UN's International Civil Aviation Organization estimates commercial flying is responsible for two percent of global CO2 emissions and EU figures show it as the most polluting form of transport per kilometre (mile) travelled.

But the head of airline industry body IATA, Alexandre de Juniac, defended his members at an annual meeting of the organisation in South Korea this week.

He acknowledged that the sector was under pressure to act, but said that the public was unaware of efforts being made by the industry, including the use of new fuel-efficient airliners and biofuels.

He also criticised the idea of new "green taxes" which he said were normally collected by governments and used for non-environmental ends.

The industry is likely to fight against any new taxes in Europe given that it is already subject to the EU carbon emissions trading system and, from 2020, to a new global mechanism called the Carbon Offsetting and Reduction Scheme for International Aviation (CORSIA).

Calls to boycott air travel have grown in recent years in step with growing awareness about the dangers of climate change.

"Flygskam", or flight shame, has become a buzz word in Sweden in reference to the guilt felt over the environmental effects of flying, with more and more young Swedes opting to travel by train to ease their consciences.

Spearheading the movement for trains-over-planes is Sweden's Greta Thunberg, the 16-year-old climate school striker who refuses to fly and travelled by rail to the World Economic Forum in Davos this year.

French President Emmanuel Macron is also keen to boost his own green credentials, having suffered an embarrassing resignation of his star environment minister last year who accused the head of state of failing to act.

The French Green party also surged in last month's European Parliament election, finishing third behind Macron's centrist Republic on the Move party and the far-right National Rally.

Macron's record of persuading his EU partners to adopt new taxes is mixed, however, after he failed to convince them to create a new EU-wide levy on internet and technology groups such as Apple and Amazon.


Trump: “It Used to be Called ‘Global Warming’…with ‘Extreme Weather,’ You Can’t Miss”

Asked if he believes in climate change, President Donald Trump told “Good Morning Britain” Host Piers Morgan that he believes in weather change.

“Do you personally believe in climate change?” Morgan asked Trump in an interview Tuesday during Trump’s visit to the U.K.

“I believe that there is a change in weather. And, I think it changes both ways,” Trump responded, reminding Morgan that climate activists used to make the specific claim that the planet was warming. But, now, they invoke the broader term, “extreme weather,” which includes all types of weather events, such as tornados and hurricanes:

“I believe that there is a change in weather. And, I think it changes both ways.

“Don’t forget: it used to be called ‘global warming’ – that wasn’t working. Then, it was called ‘climate change.’ Now, it’s actually called ‘extreme weather’ - because, with ‘extreme weather,’ you can’t miss.

“Look, we have a thing now with tornados. I don’t remember tornados in the U.S. to the extent. But, then, when you look back, 40 years ago we had the worst tornado binge that we’ve ever had. In the 1890’s, we had our worst hurricanes, and I would say we’ve had some very bad hurricanes.”


Biden Plagiarizes His 'Green' Homework

His climate plan for "revolution" and "justice" didn't properly cite his sources.

Maybe you really can’t teach an old dog news tricks, but you would think that after aborting his 1988 presidential campaign over accusations of plagiarism, Joe Biden would be exceedingly cautious about repeating history. But no.

National Review reports:

Former vice president Joe Biden, who currently enjoys a hefty lead over his opponents for the Democratic presidential nomination, released his plan to combat climate change on Tuesday and was promptly accused of plagiarizing parts of the proposal.

The sections in question appeared to lift language from documents published by the Center for Climate and Energy Solutions and the Blue Green Alliance. The vice president of the progressive group CREDO, Josh Nelson, noted the double language Tuesday morning, pointing out that passages from Biden’s plan nearly mirror sentences from a 2017 letter the Blue Green Alliance sent to the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee.

The Biden campaign responded to the controversy by insisting the drafters had simply forgotten to include citations.

This goof was profoundly foolish. It may have been a lowly staffer to blame, but Biden is way out in front of the field of 482 Democrat presidential candidates, and he’s weighing in on one of the Left’s most sacred issues. At age 76, Biden should know better, and he should hire better people. Either way, it does not recommend him for the top office in the land.

As for the proposal itself, the video rollout is titled “Biden Plan for a Clean Energy Revolution & Environmental Justice,” which tells you about all you need to know — this is leftist tyranny packaged as the way to save the planet.

Not surprisingly, Biden’s plan is still not radical enough for climate alarmists, who slam his reliance on nuclear power and a “too late” 2050 deadline for reducing net carbon emissions to zero. Plagiarism is really the least of Biden’s sins. The root problem with the entire ecofascist movement was aptly summed up by Reason’s Christian Britschgi: These leftists have “a near limitless faith in the ability of government to reorganize the economy.” That’s red, not green.



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