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A bullet to the head of Warmism

Jamal Munshi shows below that a  basic asumption of Warmism is wrong.  Fossil fuel use does NOT bump up atmospheric CO2 levels

Responsiveness of Atmospheric CO2 to Fossil Fuel Emissions

Jamal Munshi


This short note is a validation of a previous work which found no correlation between changes in atmospheric CO2 and fossil fuel emissions at an annual time scale. In this work, this result is tested for robustness with respect to sample period selection within a range of data availability. A resampling procedure similar to bootstrap is used. Resampling ensures that the failure to find a correlation is not an artifact of the sample period chosen. The results validate the robustness of the previous finding and imply that here is no evidence that atmospheric CO2 is responsive to fossil fuel emissions at an annual time scale net of long term trends. This result is robust. It holds for all possible combination of years in the study period 1958-2015.


Below is about as explicit an "ad hominem" attack as you will find

"Attack the man not the message" is a strategy of desperation -- a strategy of no logical or intellectual merit

Brendan DeMelle, Executive Director, DeSmog

A colorful cast of characters has made a living out of denying the science of climate change. These so-called “experts” often start out their statements with “I’m not a climate scientist, but…” before launching into a series of carefully rehearsed talking points meant to confuse the public on the climate change issue. Many of them are well-paid operatives of organizations like The Heartland Institute, CFACT, and Americans for Prosperity, which take contributions from fossil fuel corporations — including ExxonMobil,the Koch Brothers and their company Koch Industries — who seek to delay or block any substantial government policy initiatives meant to curb fossil fuel emissions or hasten the rapid growth of cheaper, cleaner sources of energy like wind and solar power.
Below is a list of ten of the most prominent climate deniers working actively to mislead the public and delay policy action to address climate change.

Senator James Inhofe (R-OK) is the chairman of the Senate Committee on Environment and Public Works. According to Oil Change International, Inhofe has received over $2 million in political contributions from the fossil fuel industry. He once compared the Environmental Protection Agency to the Gestapo, and brought a snowball onto the Senate floor to ‘disprove’ global warming. Sen. Inhofe, author of the 2012 book The Greatest Hoax: How the Global Warming Conspiracy Threatens Your Future, once claimed on the Senate floor that “man-made global warming is the greatest hoax ever perpetrated on the American people.”

Executive director of ClimateDepot.com and communications director for the Committee for a Constructive Tomorrow (CFACT), an anti-science think tank that has received funding from ExxonMobil, Chevron, as well as hundreds of thousands of dollars from foundations associated with Richard Mellon Scaife. Morano previously worked for Sen. James Inhofe and began his career with Rush Limbaugh.


Leaked Speech: Bill Clinton Calls ‘Coal Country’ Most ‘Anti-Immigrant’ Part Of America

Playing the race card

Former president Bill Clinton, who previously took flack for mocking the “coal people” in West Virginia and Kentucky, accused “coal country” of being the “most anti-immigrant” part of America while speaking at a private fundraiser for Hillary Clinton.

As he did when criticizing the “coal people,” Clinton again singled out Kentucky and West Virginia while speaking to the audience of wealthy Democratic donors in November 2015.

Bill and Hillary Clinton (Photo: Mike Segar-Pool/Getty Images)   Bill and Hillary Clinton (Photo: Mike Segar-Pool/Getty Images)
“One of the reasons I’m for immigration reform is that on balance immigrants add to the employment base, not take away from it,” Bill said, according to a leaked transcript of the speech

He added that housing problems “in the most anti-immigrant parts of America, like in coal country, West Virginia and Kentucky, don’t have anything to do with immigrants.” (RELATED: Bill Clinton Mocked Working Class Voters At Private Fundraiser)

The transcript of the speech was published by anti-secrecy organization WikiLeaks among thousands of other documents from the email of Clinton campaign chair John Podesta.

Bill’s comments are just the latest coal-related gaffe for the Clinton campaign.

Hillary was forced to play damage control earlier this year after promising to put coal miners “out of business.”

In September, Bill Clinton mocked the “coal people” of West Virginia and Kentucky for supporting Trump


GM wheat shows massive rise in yield

Genetically modified wheat crops could see a leap in yields after glasshouse trials showed a massive 40% increase in grain output.

Researchers focusing on making the photosynthesis process in wheat plants more efficient are hoping to have the first field trial of this new wheat crop drilled next spring.

The new wheat plants – with genes added from a grass called stiff brome – have been showed to assimilate carbon dioxide better than conventional wheat which led to a big jump in crop biomass.

Three UK research bodies are joining forces, including the Universities of Essex and Lancaster together with Rothamsted Research, to look at the use of GM technology for the first time to increase crop yields.

“We have seen yield increases of 20 to 40% in greenhouse pots, although this in not a yield indication for the field,” Christine Raines from the University of Essex told a briefing on Friday (4 November).

Yield delight

The researchers said even if they saw half that yield rise they would be delighted, as there is a need to break through the barrier to wheat yields which has been seen in recent years.

“Even a relatively modest increase would be a major advance, even a 5% increase would be amazing,” said Malcolm Hawkesford from Rothamsted.

The research project applied on Thursday (3 November) to Defra for the go-ahead to grow the wheat trial which would amount to just under 100sq m of the crop being grown in Rothamsted’s fenced GM-dedicated 3.2ha growing area.

They are planning to use the technology in the spring wheat variety Cadenza at Rothamsted in 2017 and also in 2018 if the trial is improved.

“This is the only way we can determine whether we can get a yield increase in the field, and this yield increase could be huge,” said Dr Hawkesford.

The researchers identified that the process of photosynthesis can be limited by the lack of the enzyme SBPase, so they are looking to increase the level by engineering wheat plants by introducing a SPBase gene from stiff brome.

Extra gene copies

They have produced two types of plants one in which two extra copies of the SBPase gene are added and another in which six extra copies of the SBPase gene are introduced.

“We are improving photosynthesis to improve the yield of wheat,” said Elizabete Carmo-Silva of Lancaster University.

If this technique does work then this trait could be transferred to other crops, while wheat yields could be further increased by looking at other enzyme levels which might be boosted, the researchers said.

Currently, only GM maize is grown commercially in the EU. This is grown largely in Spain and is used to protect the crop against a weevil pest, called the European corn borer.

Such is the level of opposition across Europe to GM technology there have been no other GM crops approved and subsequently grown since 1998.

Last week, UK farm minister George Eustice hinted British farmers may be able to grow GM crops once the UK leaves the EU, following the Brexit vote in June.

A recent trial at Rothamsted looking at GM wheat designed to repel aphids disappointed researchers as the crop was seen to be no better protected than conventional wheat.

This trial in 2012 and 2013 was targeted by anti-GM campaigners and the wheat plots had to be protected by a high fence, with the cost of the whole trial subsequently rising to nearly £3m.

The cost of the current GM trial is about £866,000, with nearly £700,000 coming from the UK government funded Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council and the rest by the US Department of Agriculture.


Science says Australia's record hot summers will become normal (?)

Totally dishonest.  No mention that the high 2015 temps were an effect of a natural El Nino weather pattern -- nothing to do with CO2

Look at the CO2 levels from Australia's Cape Grim climate observatory over the heart of the El Nino period.

Within an accuracy of parts per billion, there was NO increase in CO2 levels at all! The warming over the El Nino period was ENTIRELY natural, with NO contribution from a CO2 rise. CO2 levels did NOT rise so they CANNOT be responsible for the higher temperatures.

Below we see where the peak of the El Nino effect was.  High temps coinciding with NO rise in CO2

So, it was during a period of no CO2 rise that temperatures peaked.  Super pesky

Australian scientists say the hottest year on record globally in 2015 could be an average year by 2025 if carbon emissions continue to rise at the same rate.

The latest study has tried to define the concept of what is a new normal when talking about climate change.

Dr Sophie Lewis of the Australian National University says human activities have already locked in higher temperatures but immediate action could prevent record extreme seasons year after year.

“If we continue with business-as-usual emissions, extreme seasons will inevitably be the norm within decades and Australia is the canary in the coal mine that will experience this change first,” says Dr Lewis.

“If we don’t reduce our rate of emissions the record hot summer of 2013 in Australia — when we saw temperatures approaching 50 degrees Celsius in some areas — could be just another average summer season by 2035.”

The recent State of the Climate report by the peak science body, the CSIRO, and the Bureau of Meteorology also says severe fire seasons fueled by increasingly hot days will continue for Australia.

Australia’s climate has warmed by around 1 degree celsius since 1910. Extreme fire weather, and a longer fire season, has increased across large parts of Australia since the 1970s.

And 2015 was the warmest year since modern record-keeping began in 1880, according to analysis by NASA’s Goddard Institute for Space Studies.

However, the latest Australian research shows record-breaking temperatures can be prevented from becoming average.

“Based on a specific starting point, we determined a new normal occurred when at least half of the years following an extreme year were cooler and half warmer,” says Dr Lewis. “Only then can a new normal state be declared.”

Using the National Computational Infrastructure supercomputer at ANU to run climate models, the researchers explored when new normal states would appear.

The research team looked at temperatures from December to February across Australia, Europe, Asia and North America.

“The results revealed that while global average temperatures would inevitably enter a new normal under all emissions scenarios, this wasn’t the case at seasonal and regional levels,” says Dr Lewis.

“We found that with prompt action to reduce greenhouse gases a new normal might never occur in the 21st century at regional levels during the Southern Hemisphere summer and Northern Hemisphere winter.”

The research is published in the Bulletin of the American Meterological Society.



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