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Some amusing Green/Left rage

Andrew Lane is a graduate student at Arizona State University.  He also has a business installing solar panels.  So he has reason to be unhappy with those who question global warming.  If skepticism took firmer hold, it would damage his business. So what does he do about that?  Does he carefully examine the issues and then plan appropriately?  No.  In a typically Leftist way, he goes ballistic at Marc Morano, a prominent skeptic. Morano received the following messages from him.  It is clearly hate speech and a violation of ASU speech codes.  He could be in trouble over that.  He sent the abuse from his ASU address: aslane1@asu.edu

First comment:

Hey Fat Head... Marc "Moran" O...I just bought "Merchants of Doubt" and saw what threatening nonsense you wrote real scientists.  I thought I would return the favor to you.  Hmmm why is it we keep setting high temperature records?  Hmmm why it is many coastal cities like Miami, Norfolk, and Cape Canaveral are complaining about rising seas?  Why does the Arctic and Antarctic Land Ice continue to melt away with less left year after year?  I would love to debate your candy ass in front of a crowd. You are an ignorant sap who revels in his own stupidity.  Maybe it is you who should Fuck Off and Die....Maybe then you could be composted to become fertilizer for plant life.  That may be the only way you can be productive.  Ohhh I can hardly wait to see your new Un-Documentary "Climate Hustle"...will it be on YouTube the day of release?  There is no way I will ever pay you one damned cent to see it. Though I would accept payment from you to see it.  How about you pay me $20 to come to a premier near Phoenix?  I'll even come in my Electric Car and maybe I can park out in front of the theater in case anyone would like to learn how they too can drive 100 miles for about a dollar in fuel.  Hmmmm I still haven't heard of an Electricity Spill that ruined a Gulf of Mexico, a pristine area of Alaska or detonated on a sleepy Canadian Town have you?

Morano replied: "Your comments are hurtful. And if you believe Merchants of Doubt is factual about me, you are very gullible"

Reply to Morano from Lane:

Right On There Amigo "Moran-O" the Environmental Journalist,

Or should I say an Anti-Environmental Journalist...that would be a much more accurate description of your activities.

And your comments in "Merchants of Doubt" to Dr. Katherine Hayhoe, Dr. Micheal Mann, Dr. James Hansen and others were far more hurtful, offensive, vulgar, and violent.    Or was it messages from your brainless followers after you posted their email addresses on your website and encouraged them to do such? If you are so brave why don't you go to their places of work and recite those phrases and see how far you get. Ohh I've learned in the School of Sustainability at ASU now that your brainless followers who think Global Warming is a Hoax are now down to 10%. Good luck with that Ohhh so large fanbase! Hey if if you all are so powerful let's see you hold a 400,000 person rally in NYC. For that matter lets see you hold a 40,000 person rally anywhere you want in the name of the Fossil Fools.

Yeah I'm the gullible one when "Merchants of Doubt" has dear Fred Singer speaking the three talking points of Climate Denial. That there is no Global Warming, then there is Global Warming but it's not caused by Humans, and then there is Global Warming but it would wreck the economy if we tried to do anything about it! Hmmmm which is it there Chum? Your followers are the gullible ones clinging to a loud mouth like you.

So then mighty master mind... why is it we keep setting high temperature records?   Why it is many coastal cities like Miami, Norfolk, and Cape Canaveral are complaining about rising seas?  Why does the Arctic and Antarctic Land Ice continue to melt away with less left year after year?

You Conservative Clowns who are too Conservative to Conserve anything would be just plain funny if the consequences weren't so severe. Say what is your science background and education since you play one on television so often as you state so smugly.

Boy you guys are going to get slaughtered come November. I can hardly wait to see the GOP who can't quite grasp reality of Climate Action get unelected!  Say did you catch how many people blindly laid down $1,000 each to reserve a car purchase for a car no one has seen, heard, or touched and won't even be available for a year and a half?  Hmmmm 115,000 folks did before hand. Name one other item, much less a car, that capitalism has produced that has sold more in such a short amount of time. Ohhh and now the Reservation Line has grown closer to 400K after Elon Musk unveiled it in California. Again name one item that that sort of sales record at any point in history or since the Industrial Revolution.

I've seen your meeting with Dr. Bill Nye the Science Guy. Why is it again you feel you know more about the atmosphere and oceans than him? That you can holler louder than him? Just like Tobacco, one day it will be common knowledge how treacherous and bad fossil fuels are as well as all excess Green House Gas Emissions from all their sources. The question is how fast we can get to that point, and will it be too late? It may be beyond your scope but the amount of Green House Gasses now frozen under the thawing tundra and permafrost is quite substantial. Indeed it's about a century of today's emissions.  Hmmm how fast will it escape?

Again try to stay in your lane and leave the Scientists alone. You might want to change your Kids last name too....Morano might well become notorious with the Chief Climate Denier and how many lives it ruined for so long.

The various claims he makes have in the past all been dealt  with on this blog and many others.  He is in a way a victim.  He has founded his business on a mistaken belief.  He has been taken for a ride by Warmism

The latest Warmist scare: Oxygen deprivation

There are out at the moment any number of reports saying that the oceans are running out of oxygen and all the fish are going to die soon.  So I decided to look at the scientific paper the whole scare is based on. Its abstract is below.  Its theoretical underpinnings are fair enough.  Warm water DOES contain less gas than cold water.  

But that theory doesn't get us far. The warmest waters on earth are of course in the tropics. So they should contain less oxygen. So how come tropical waters are teeming with life? Probably because the very vigorous photosynthesis there is continually pouring oxygen into the water. In Australian waters, it is the most Northerly part of the Great Barrier reef (the part closest to the equator) that has the greatest species diversity, for instance.

So much for theory.  Let us look at what the paper actually says. They claim NO global effects so far at all.  What they claim, rather laughably, is a possibility of detection.  And they put even that well ahead in the future:  "widespread detection of forced deoxygenation is possible by 2030–2040".  Nothing to give even the most dedicated Warmist an erection there

Finding forced trends in oceanic oxygen

Matthew C. Long et al.


Anthropogenically forced trends in oceanic dissolved oxygen are evaluated in Earth system models in the context of natural variability. A large ensemble of a single Earth system model is used to clearly identify the forced component of change in interior oxygen distributions and to evaluate the magnitude of this signal relative to noise generated by internal climate variability. The time of emergence of forced trends is quantified on the basis of anomalies in oxygen concentrations and trends. We find that the forced signal should already be evident in the southern Indian Ocean and parts of the eastern tropical Pacific and Atlantic basins; widespread detection of forced deoxygenation is possible by 2030–2040. In addition to considering spatially discrete metrics of detection, we evaluate the similarity of the spatial structures associated with natural variability and the forced trend. Outside of the subtropics, these patterns are not wholly distinct on the isopycnal surfaces considered, and therefore, this approach does not provide significantly advanced detection. Our results clearly demonstrate the strong impact of natural climate variability on interior oxygen distributions, providing an important context for interpreting observations.


North Atlantic Heat Content Plunges… Meteorologist Warns Of “Serious Implications” On US Climate, Sea Ice!

Paul Donan of the excellent weather science site Vencore Weather here brings us up to date on the latest on one of the most powerful natural cycles driving our North Atlantic climate: North Atlantic sea surface temperature (SST) cycles.

In a nutshell the site writes that the North Atlantic “is now showing signs of a possible long-term shift back to colder-than-normal sea surface temperatures (SST) and this could have serious implications on US climate and sea ice areal extent in the Northern Hemisphere”.

Vencore supplies the following chart of North Atlantic heat content (0 – 700 meters deep):

The next chart Vencore provides below is one of Atlantic sea surface temperature (SST) since the 1870s.

Clearly we see that huge climate driver has been cyclic and that the past 20 years have been marked by very warm SSTs.

Little wonder the North Atlantic region has been seen warmer than normal conditions over the past 2 decades.

But that warmth appears to be waning as the North Atlantic is now heading toward its cool phase. That cooling down is confirmed by the Japan Agency for Marine-Earth Science and Technology (JAMSTEC).  Note how the transitions take place quickly, in a matter of just a few years.

Vencore writes that the North Atlantic cooling is likely going to have some “significant impacts on Northern Hemisphere (NH) sea ice areal extent over the coming decades“, and thus could be a major blow to climate science forecasts of a melting Arctic. If the North Atlantic cooling continues, then Vencore warns we should expect Arctic sea ice to return to 1990s levels, if not even greater.

The cooling North Atlantic will also have serious ramifications for North America’s climate. Vencore reports that winters over large parts of North America are much colder during cool North Atlantic phases, and significantly warmer during the warm phases. So if these trends should continue, it means that the days of the global warming scare are numbered, or they will have to move to the other hemisphere.


New movie characterizes social agenda as con job intended to take control of money, politics

Decades ago, scientists warned that the Earth’s average temperatures were rising, polar ice fields were shrinking and the very survival of the planet was at stake.

Now, it seems that the public hears fewer references to facts and many more declarations of what people believe about “climate change.”

As in faith.  As in religion.

In a one-night nationwide theatrical engagement on Monday, a new movie, “Climate Hustle,” aims to pull back the veil on a movement that even some of its supporters concede has taken on religious overtones.

Hosted by Marc Morano, a former Republican political aide who founded and runs the climate-skeptic website ClimateDepot.com, the move exposes “the history of climate scares including global cooling; debunks outrageous claims about temperatures, extreme weather, and the so-called ‘consensus;’ exposes the increasingly shrill calls to ‘act immediately before it’s too late,’ and in perhaps the film’s most important section, profiles key scientists who used to believe in climate alarm but have since converted to skepticism.”

Morano said on his website the movie shows “the climate establishment comparing climate skeptics to Holocaust deniers.”

“It’s all an attempt to silence the debate, to silence any science and go right to centralized planning,” he said. “That’s what this is all about. The U.N. has admitted their goal is wealth redistribution and it doesn’t have anything to do with environmental policy.”

To learn where the movie is showing near you, and to buy tickets, visit ClimateHustle.com.

In an interview with WND, Morano affirmed the end goal of “climate change” activists is money and control.

Their intent now is not to discuss, investigate or research, but to send “a chilling message to doubters and skeptics” to be silent.

“It’s always the same solution, more centralized government; the bureaucrats, the intellectual elites in charge, they know best,” he said. “These storms … they’re going to come and get you.”

But, he said, the solution is at hand, according to the elites: “If you pay up now, put us in charge, we can protect you.”

He said the result will be tragic for large populations who are being denied access to pumped water, power and heat because of climate-change believers’ antagonism to carbon-based fuels.

“The reason we know there’s a hustle is their predictions have failed to come true, on a whole host of issues,” Morano said. “That’s why they now want to stop the debate, suppress debate.”

Famous predictions

One of the more famous predictions came from former vice president and current carbon-credit entrepreneur Al Gore, who told an audience in a 2009 speech that “the entire north polar ice cap during some of the summer months could be completely ice-free within the next five to seven years.”

His 2006 documentary, “An Inconvenient Truth,” famously predicted increasing temperatures would cause earth’s oceans to rise by 20 feet, a claim many scientists say is utterly without rational basis.

Another came from a 2013 column by Mark Hertsgaard, which was headlined “The End of the Arctic? Ocean Could be Ice Free by 2015.”

He wrote: “Say goodbye to polar bears and a whole lot of ice. New research suggests the Arctic Ocean could be ice-free by 2015, with devastating consequences for the world. Can it be stopped?”

Taking one more step back in time, the BBC said Arctic summers would be ice-free by 2013.

Sierra Club Canada also said in 2013 that the Arctic sea ice would vanish that year.

Tim Ball, a former University of Winnipeg climatology professor, said global temperatures have been dropping since the turn of the century, prompting the change in terminology from “global warming” to “climate change.”

Activists are also spending less time discussing temperatures and more time pointing to more extreme events such as tornadoes, droughts, cold snaps and heat waves. Ball said there’s a shred of truth there, but it’s being badly distorted.

“Yes, there’s been slightly more extremes,” he said in an interview with WND and Radio America. “That’s because the jet stream patterns are changing, because the earth is cooling down.

All the arguments about sea-level rise, about Arctic ice disappearing, if you recall it’s not that long ago that our friend Al Gore was saying that there would be no summer ice in the Arctic. I think the year he set for it was 2014. That proved to be completely wrong.


Good News in Global Warming

NASA announced that the Earth is getting greener. Literally greener. Plant growth is way up. Why is plant growth way up? Because of all the extra carbon dioxide in the air.

According to the study, which was published this week in the scientific journal Nature, the total area of the planet that’s covered by plants has increased by more than 11 million square miles in the last 33 years. For perspective: North America, including Greenland, is a little less than nine and a half million square miles. Of course, not all of this increase is due to CO2 and global warming. But 78 percent of it is. (Says the study.)

This is very good news. Plants feed the world. It is not, however, unexpected news. Wall Street Journal readers may recall a piece published in May of 2013 called “In Defense of Carbon Dioxide,” by William Happer, one of Princeton’s top-flight physicists, and Harrison Schmitt, a geologist, a former Republican senator from New Mexico, and an Apollo astronaut who walked on the moon.

“Contrary to what some would have us believe,” wrote Schmitt and Happer, “increased carbon dioxide will benefit the increasing population on the planet by increasing agricultural productivity.”

Needless to say, they were right on the money. And this was no shot in the dark — in fact, the benefit of carbon dioxide to plant life is not only a well-established fact, but suffocatingly obvious, when you think about it: The (very reasonable, entirely correct) trope of conservationists is that we need more plants, because we breathe oxygen and emit carbon dioxide, whereas plants breathe carbon dioxide and emit oxygen. It follows that plants need carbon dioxide in more or less the same way we need oxygen.

 This is why — point out Schmitt and Happer — commercial greenhouses tend to grow plants in air that is 150 percent richer in carbon dioxide than the great outdoors. Schmitt and Happer’s piece also explained that higher levels of atmospheric CO2 make plants more resistant to drought — basically, by reducing the number of water-wasting air holes a plant needs to breathe — which (they say) is why droughts in the age of global warming don’t look like droughts in the age of the Dust Bowl.

And they point out that the current elevated CO2 levels are still much lower than CO2 levels were in the distant (pre-human) past. They add that “variations in global temperature correlate much better with solar activity and complicated cycles of the oceans and atmosphere” than they do with increased levels of carbon dioxide. And that “there isn’t the slightest evidence that more carbon dioxide has caused more extreme weather.”

Unfortunately, Happer and Schmitt’s good tidings were not enough to assuage the concerns of environmental opinion-makers. But the fact that their predictions have been perfectly borne out should give some ammunition to fighters of the good fight.

And in the meantime, everyone on every side of the global-warming argument should take a few moments to appreciate these, our salad days, and — at last — some good news in global warming.


Australia: Eco-Fascists now harassing insurance companies

Climate activists are targeting the role of insurance companies in the expansion of fossil fuel production, highlighting the impact of extreme weather events on their bottom line.

“We’ve already targeted banks and super funds, so insurance companies are the next frontier,” said Dan Gocher from the financial activist group Market Forces.

On Monday it hijacked the insurer QBE’s branding in Sydney, plastering the slogan “Made possible by QBE” over images of coalmines and natural disasters.

At about 8am on Monday morning the Market Forces team hung the posters from the QBE headquarters in Sydney’s CBD. Julien Vincent, executive director of Market Forces said they were removed by security after about 10 minutes.

“It’s about highlighting their role in the perpetuation and expansion of the fossil fuel industry, which is contributing to climate change,” said Gocher, who worked for QBE until 2015. “Because as their slogan tells you, they make it possible.”

The activists’ imagery is very similar to one produced by QBE a few years ago. In 2012 the its annual report printed “Made possible by QBE” on the cover, over an image of an operating coalmine.

In that report, the company boasted it was “a major insurer of the mining sector in Australia” and insured “coalminers in the Queensland Bowen Basin and New South Wales Hunter Valley”.

Finding out exactly how much insurers were underwriting coal and other fossil fuel projects was difficult, Vincent said. “The way you learn about it is when there’s been a disaster,” he said.

When the world’s largest oil leak occurred in the Gulf of Mexico in 2010, it was revealed BP’s Deepwater Horizon oil extraction was insured by QBE.

Gocher said the group would target other insurers, but QBE was an obvious place to start because it had revealed some of its involvement in the sector.

Insurers also held large investment portfolios, Gocher said. Australian insurance companies managed about $200bn worth of stock, $35bn of it held by QBE.

Some other insurers have begun to move away from fossil fuels. The French insurer AXA and Germany’s Allianz divested from thermal coal because of climate change.

Overseas insurers and reinsurers (companies that insure other insurance companies) have played a significant role in public discussion of climate change after recognising they were particularly exposed to the effects of extreme weather events.
How to free your investment portfolio from fossil fuels
Read more

In 2015 Munich RE said: “We are convinced that there are particular regions and hazards where climate change is already having a definite influence on losses. Significant effects have to be accounted for in risk management approaches of the insurance industry.”

But despite being hit with large payouts, Australian insurers lagged behind their foreign counterparts, not divesting from fossil fuels and not playing a role in the public discussion, Gocher said.

Annual reports show QBE paid US$76m for storms that battered the New South Wales coast in 2014; US$144m for storms Desmond, Eva and Frank in the UK in 2015; US$108m for cyclone Pam, which hit Vanuatu in March.

Market Forces has asked Australian insurers to divest from fossil fuel in their investment portfolios, begin withdrawing from underwriting fossil fuel companies and play a role in the public conversation about climate change.

Gocher said withdrawal from underwriting could not be done overnight, but companies could immediately cease underwriting new projects.



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