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Electric fishing boat is a bit of a joke

Unless it spends time at sea not under power (dangerous) it has to be back in port only 10 hours after it left.  Pesky  if it runs into a storm

The world’s first electric commercial fishing vessel will be powered by a Corvus lithium polymer Energy Storage System (ESS) integrated with a Siemens propulsion system

Corvus Energy announced a Corvus ESS with a Siemens BlueDrive PlusC marine propulsion system will power the Selfa Elmax 1099 electric fishing boat designed and built by Selfa Arctic AS. The 11 meter electric vessel will have a 195 kWh ESS consisting of 30 Corvus AT6500 lithium polymer battery modules. The fishing boat, designed to operate entirely on Corvus battery power over a planned 10-hour working day, will also have a small 50kW auxiliary generator and can be charged overnight by plugging into the electrical grid.

Norwegian fishing company Øra AS will operate the first Selfa Elmax 1099 designed by Norwegian shipbuilder Selfa Arctic AS. The electric vessel to be named “Karoline” will be commissioned in Trondheim Norway this August and will be presented to the country's Minister of Fisheries, Elisabeth Aspaker, in the same month. The Karoline will then be tested in the demanding conditions off the coast of Tjeldsundet in Northern Norway. In September, the boat will be moved to Tromso Norway to be part of the daily operations of Øra AS. While fishing the vessel will operate emissions free, eliminating all greenhouse gasses including CO2. The boat will also generate less noise and vibration than a standard diesel engine powered fishing vessel.

“We have been working on this electric boat design for some time, and Corvus batteries are part of the design solution. Their innovative battery technology enables the vessel to meet the needed performance specifications, that is, to operate electrically for a full fishing day.” Said Erik Ianssen, Selfa Arctic AS President & CEO. “With successful sea trials completed we are planning serial production of the vessel.”


Watch students wake up about warming

It’s back to school time.  For many students, that means back to indoctrination time.

But there are those fighting back.  CFACT’s Collegians are working hard to challenge the liberal orthodoxy all too rampant on America’s colleges and universities. Our chapters are often among the most dynamic groups on campus.

For decades we’ve trained young people to think critically for themselves and share that gift with others.

A good case in point, our student leaders at the University of Alabama, Birmingham shared a simple graph of satellite temperature measurements recently with their classmates.  The graph reveals that there has been no meaningful change in global temperatures for most of those students’ lives.

Watch the double take students do when confronted with the straight facts that there has been no dramatic global warming as they’ve been led to believe.

The good news?  Students got it.  Some were upset. Virtually all were surprised. The only thing they needed was access to the truth.

You’ll be heartened to see these bright youngsters casting aside the politically-correct hype they’ve been fed and forming valid conclusions based on sound scientific data.

When students get the unvarnished facts, all of our futures are bright.


Scientists' computer models on global warming are unreliable

Here we go again, the scientists at NOAA/NASA showing their bias toward promoting global warming and the need for massive government intervention. Can we say enough to these meaningless Chicken Little proclamations and get back to real science?

They indicate July 2015 beat their previous warmest month (July 2011) by 2 one-hundredths of a degree and this totals to an increase of 8 one-hundredths of a degree Celsius over the prior record (July 1998). However, their stated statistical margin of error is 14 one-hundredths of a degree. Therefore, the margin of error is seven time greater than the July 2015 increase recorded and almost 2 times the recorded change since July 1998. Can we really say this is a significant and meaningful warming trend?

At the current level of 400 parts per million of carbon dioxide in the Earth’s atmosphere, we are significantly below other periods in the Earth's history where the levels of 6,000 parts per million have been recorded and there was no human contribution. This only confirms that actual human contribution to carbon dioxide is insignificant as compared to the Earth's vegetation and the oceans.

Almost all of the computer models in the past 30 years that made predictions for 15-20 years into the future have proven to be wrong and have grossly overstated the warming. Therefore, how can we trust these very unreliable computer models? Throw in the fact that they all ignore any impact from the sun and the Earth's oceans, and they truly become farcical.


The UK "Guardian" says below: Please keep subsidizing our demographic

In terms of timing, last week’s government decision to slash subsidies that help families and small businesses install solar panels could not have been worse. This year promises to be the hottest on record. At the same time, international negotiations on the establishment of climate change controls are scheduled to reach their peak in Paris in a few months.

The world is looking to developed nations to set an example on how to cut the carbon emissions that are triggering global temperature rises and the British government could once have played an authoritative role in these talks. Unfortunately, David Cameron’s administration has decided, over the last few months, to abandon nearly all its commitments to protecting the environment and to its pledges to create new green technologies that could wean us off our urge to burn fossil fuels.

In June, it announced cuts to the financial support available to developers of new onshore wind turbines, the cheapest form of renewable power available. Now it has followed up this cutback with one that will greatly reduce the financial help that is given to those seeking to install solar panels to generate electric power. Both industries, solar and onshore wind, will inevitably suffer.

It is an unfortunate development, not just from the perspective of national prestige, but in terms of lost opportunity. Britain has the chance to take a lead in developing renewable technologies, including wave and tidal energy plants. Yet within a few months of coming to office, the current Conservative administration has made it clear it wants to have nothing to do with green technology. It is a short-sighted attitude. Britain has much to gain from developing expertise in this field because, sooner or later, the world is going to end up depending on renewable power.

Continued support for green technology, such a solar power, is therefore good for Britain and for the rest of the world.


Climate issues we do need to address

We need to fix the climate of fraud, corruption, and policies that kill jobs, hope and people

Paul Driessen

Reeling stock markets across the globe hammered savings, pension funds, innovation and growth. US stocks lost over $2 trillion in market value in eight days, before rallying somewhat, while the far smaller Shanghai Composite Index lost $1 trillion in four days of trading, the Wall Street Journal reports.

Battered economies continue to struggle. Investment banks are pulling out of developing countries. An already exploding and imploding Middle East now confronts a nuclear arms race and human exodus.

Complying just with federal regulations already costs American businesses and families $1.9 trillion per year, the Competitive Enterprise Institute calculates. That’s more than all 2014 personal and corporate income tax receipts combined – and Obama bureaucrats issued 3,554 new rules and regulations last year.

EPA’s 2,691-page Clean Power Plan is designed to eliminate coal mining and coal-fired power plants – and minimize natural gas substitutes. The CPP requires that gas use can increase by only 22% above 2012 levels by 2022, and just 5% per year thereafter. On top of that, new natural gas-fueled generating units that replace coal-fired power plants absurdly do not count toward state CO2 reduction mandates.

That means millions of acres of new wind and solar installations that generate expensive, unreliable electricity – and survive only because of subsidies, tariffs, anti-fossil fuel mandates, and exemptions from endangered species, environmental impact and other requirements that block fossil fuel projects.

Anti-energy, anti-growth policies imposed in name of preventing “dangerous manmade climate change” impact everything we do. For minority, elderly and working class families, they bring soaring electricity costs, rising unemployment, unproductive lives on government assistance, diminished health and welfare, and shorter life spans. They hogtie economies and kill jobs, prolong and worsen economic quagmires, crush aspirations and opportunities, perpetuate poverty, and foster anger, unrest and conflict.

None of these hard realities seems to bother President Obama, though. In fact, he is determined to use the December climate conference in Paris to lock the United States into binding treaty commitments to slash the common folks’ fossil fuel use, CO2 emissions, economic growth and job creation even further.

Anyone who cares about living standards, lifting billions of people out of abject poverty, and reining in the power of unaccountable US, EU and UN bureaucrats needs to pay attention and get involved.

Earth’s climate is doing pretty much what it always has: responding to powerful natural forces, changing, and driving atmospheric patterns and weather events that benefit some, harm others and sometimes wreak devastation. It is not doing what gloom-and-doom computer models and headlines predicted.

We do not need to “fix” or “control” the climate. We couldn’t if we tried. We do need to fix the climate of fraud, corruption and destructive policies that kill jobs, dreams and people. We need to realize that most countries will not commit economic suicide. They may sign a climate treaty – but for reasons that have nothing to do with environmental protection … and only if their obligations are distant and ephemeral.

Mr. Obama has said from the outset that he would use executive decrees to “fundamentally transform” the United States and ensure that electricity prices “necessarily skyrocket.” He has kept his word.

He and his friends in the UN, EU, Big Green and Climate Crisis Industry have also made it clear that they intend to use the Paris conference to negotiate the future distribution of the world’s wealth and resources, determine what economic growth and living standards are “ecologically feasible,” and transform the global economic development model: replacing sovereign nations and free enterprise capitalism with global governance and decision-making based on “sustainable development” and “dangerous manmade climate change” mantras. 1992 climate conference organizers even said saving the world requires that they cause “industrialized civilization to collapse.” They intend to keep their promises.

Impoverished people in developing countries reject this agenda. They want sustained development, not sustainable development. They want decent jobs and modern houses, hospitals and living standards.

Thus, under the proposed Paris treaty, only developed countries will be required to slash fossil fuel use. “Poor” nations (including China, India, Brazil, Indonesia and Russia) will not be obligated to reduce their carbon-based energy use or carbon dioxide/greenhouse gas emissions by any specific amounts or dates – though some say they “intend to try” to reduce emissions or may present non-binding targets some years from now. Most will dramatically increase their oil, gas and coal use, and CO2/GHG emissions.

The real bribe to induce poor nations to sign a new treaty is a binding commitment that increasingly less developed, less energy-powered, less rich countries will give “poor” nations (or at least their ruling elites) $100 billion per year in climate adaptation, mitigation and reparation payments. That’s to cover damages that developed nations have supposedly inflicted on Earth’s climate. FRCs (Formerly Rich Countries) will also be required to give “poor” nations advanced energy and other technologies, at no cost.

Even more insane, the entire basis for this agenda, this treaty, these commitments and non-commitments, is bald assertions – driven by garbage in/garbage out computer models and deceptive, fraudulent science – that humanity faces “unprecedented” global warming, rising ocean, weather and other calamities.

About the only unprecedented event in the past century is that no category 3-5 hurricane has hit the USA in nearly a decade. Climate alarmists refuse to discuss that. Their other assertions are pure fiction.

Claims that 2014 was the “hottest year on record,” and July 2015 was “the hottest July” since “at least 1880,” are based on city and airport temperatures that are always several degrees higher than those at nearby rural sites. (Satellite data show no warming for 18 years.) The “superheated planet” alarums involve hundredths of a degree: less than the margin of error. They are based mainly on only 1,200 measuring stations for Earth’s entire surface – with few in the coldest regions, and millions of acres of missing data simply extrapolated from urban numbers. The “hottest ever” charade also assumes reliable temperature data exist for the entire USA and planet all the way back to 1880! It defies belief.

(For more examples of climate scare deceit, see Climate Hype Exposed, Heartland’s Top 10 Global Warming Lies, the Aussie temperature scam, the Gore-a-thon analysis, and much more.

Imagine your life without electricity, or only when it’s available, or costing so much you can’t afford it and your now-bankrupt former employer couldn’t afford either. Imagine the EPA and UN controlling the juice that powers everything in your life: transportation, manufacturing, communications, entertainment, life after dark, life in hot and cold weather, the enormous infrastructure and energy demands that feed your smart phone. No wonder Google scientists finally admitted renewable energy is a pipedream.

Too many environmental laws no longer focus on protecting the environment. They have become bureaucratic weapons to protect chosen industries and destroy those connected to carbon-based fuels.

Denying people access to abundant, reliable, affordable hydrocarbon energy is immoral – and often lethal. It is an unconscionable crime against humanity to implement policies that pretend to protect the world’s energy-deprived masses from hypothetical manmade climate dangers decades from now – by perpetuating energy deprivation, poverty, malnutrition and disease that kill millions of them tomorrow.

Letting this climate fear mongering continue also means fewer jobs, more welfare, lower living standards, and deteriorating health and welfare – except for ruling elites. But so far too few politicians, candidates, clergy and business leaders have shown the courage to speak out – even as every Democratic would-be successor to Mr. Obama seems hell-bent on going even further than he has on all these policies.

Our next president and congress must focus on job and economic growth, and overall human welfare. They must review and roll back destructive regulations, root out the fraud and corruption, and restore honesty, transparency and real science to our political and regulatory system.

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Global warming made me do it

By T. Gamble

As with any social change, there are consequences to the acceptance of new moral and societal standards. So it is with the newest move to accept transgender decisions as “normal,” a-la Bruce Jenner’s change from a man to female Caitlyn. These type situations invariably involve great stress upon the nucleus of the family as it adjusts to the new person and struggles with the decision.

South Georgia is not immune to these types of circumstances.

I heard of a young man in a neighboring county who has decided to become a woman. His family is adamantly opposed to the idea. I will only reveal his first name, Ryan. Ryan wishes to go the whole route, including a complete and full sex change. His friends and family are committed to stopping Ryan no matter the costs.

It is, as one can imagine, an epic struggle. Ryan fights for his right to be who he wants to be, even if it means altering his body and alienating his family. His family will do anything to avoid what they believe is a rash and permanent decision that should not happen. Court battles and heated arguments are on the horizon.

The church has gathered a prayer group to pray for Ryan. He has gathered a strong ally from several gay and transgender organizations. Who will win this battle is anybody’s guess, but Hollywood has noticed. I have decided to soon produce a new movie about this heart-wrenching matter. It will be told from the view of the family. It will be named “Saving Ryan’s Privates.”

I anticipate the movie will be a roaring success, but if it is not, I will blame it on global warming. In fact, from here on out, I will blame all my shortcomings on global warming. This will surprise my wife. Not the fact I blame things on global warming, but the fact I admit I have any shortcomings.

You see, global warming is now blamed for everything, including the almost certain demise of the polar bear, even though there are more polar bears now than at any time in the history of polar bear counting. It is also why we had the most snow ever in Boston this year. After all, Earth’s average temperature has risen 0.9 degrees in the last century. Yes, it once got to 98 degrees on a hot summer day, but now it reaches 98.9.

Scientists claim certain animals are now migrating further north. Who knew they were so sensitive as to move once temperatures increased 1 degree? I guess they would all just go extinct if they lived in my house, where temperatures can vary 4 to 6 degrees on any given day.

If I am late to work, global warming caused it, as we all know cars don’t run as well in high heat. Punch a co-worker in an argument? Well, now, now … tempers do tend to flare in high heat. Miss a mortgage payment? The human brain can’t function well in high heat. Got too drunk last night? High heat requires plenty of fluids. Yep, it is all because of global warming.

See you at the Academy Awards — unless global warming gets me first.



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