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Warmist ignoramus "surprised" that trees like a warmer climate

The hyphenated lady quoted below is a strange biologist. She should know that ALL life prefers warmth. You should see how life springs out at you in the tropics, where I come from. And elderly NYC Jews don't move to Boca Raton because it's colder there

There WAS some warming in the late 20th century, which is the period the hyphen is talking about below

This good news from Alaska will not please warmists:

Evergreen trees at the edge of Alaska's tundra are growing faster, suggesting that at least some forests may be adapting to a rapidly warming climate, says a new study.
While forests elsewhere are thinning from wildfires, insect damage and droughts partially attributed to global warming, some white spruce trees in the far north of Alaska have grown more vigorously in the last hundred years, especially since 1950, the study has found. The health of forests globally is gaining attention, because trees are thought to absorb a third of all industrial carbon emissions, transferring carbon dioxide into soil and wood.

The study, in the journal Environmental Research Letters, spans 1,000 years and bolsters the idea that far northern ecosystems may play a future role in the balance of planet-warming carbon dioxide that remains in the air. It also strengthens support for an alternative technique for teasing climate data from trees in the far north, sidestepping recent methodological objections from climate skeptics.

"I was expecting to see trees stressed from the warmer temperatures," said study lead author Laia Andreu-Hayles, a tree ring scientist at Columbia University's Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory. "What we found was a surprise."

This study does not rely on climate models, which probably is why the results were such a "surprise" to the scientists.

SOURCE. H/T New Nostradamus

The Green wing of Nazism never died in Germany

Review of "Environmental Organizations in Modern Germany" by Prof. W.T. Markham

Review By William Walter Kay

Professor Markham’s nine-year project, Environmental Organizations in Modern Germany, is another inside job. Markham thanks Professor Wiesenthal for opening doors to the German environmental movement and to the Green Party. He also thanks: two officials from the German Nature Protection League, the former President of the German League for Environment and Nature Protection, and the faculty at Wageningen University’s Environmental Policy Group. While writing this book Markham was supported by the German Academic Exchange Service and the Wageningen Institute for Environment and Climate Research. He spent weeks at Neubrandenburg’s Study Archive for Environmental History and Bonn’s Federal Nature Protection Library. He interviewed two dozen German enviro-organization leaders and he watched a lot of German TV. As ever with enviro-scholars, Professor Markham knoweth not what he hath wrought.


* Germany is driving the Climate Change campaign.

* Many major international enviro-organizations (Friends of the Earth, Greenpeace, Birdlife International, etc.) are controlled by their German chapters.

* Several militant leaders of Germany’s confrontational early-1980s environmentalist protests were, a decade later, running government ministries.

* While Germany’s big enviro-organizations masquerade as citizens’ crusades, they are in fact top-down bureaucracies full of cynical well-paid careerists who work in tandem with state and corporate elites.

* Only 40 (forty) persons within Greenpeace-Germany’s half million members may vote for the board of directors. WWF-Germany has a self-perpetuating board and zero internal democracy.

* The League for Homeland and Environment, League for Nature Protection, and League for Environment and Nature Protection have intertwined histories, memberships, and goals. They were reactionaries before, and raving Nazis during, the Third Reich. Collectively they now have one million supporters spread over 4,000 local clubs. These are “mainstream” German enviro-organizations.

* Although it came as a revelation to Professor Markham, beneath the surface of Germany’s 9,000 “mainstream” enviro-organizations lurks a huge sub-movement that can only be described as Neo-Nazi. Markham concludes this sub-movement retains the potential to take over the entire movement.


Third Quietest Hurricane Period On Record In The US

US hurricane strikes have been on the decline since NOAA started measuring them before the Civil War. Over the last six years, there have been officially five hurricane strikes in the US, the third quietest period on record. Six out of the seven quietest periods have been since 1975 – Tamino’s period of modern global warming.

The LSM is calling this one of the most active hurricane seasons on record, because they are completely incapable of thinking for themselves or doing any independent research.

SOURCE (See the original for links)

Hansen rolls the ‘climate dice’ in new paper…

by Steve Milloy

… and craps out.

NASA’s James Hansen has a new essay on his web site called “Climate Variability and Climate Change: The New Climate Dice“, in which he argues that unless global warming is slowed there will be more extreme weather events. His argument goes like this:

* Extreme temperatures are more common now than during the period 1951-1980.

* Fossil fuel emissions are increasing.

* Increasing emissions will cause more global warming (i.e., “loading the dice”) and extreme temperatures.

* Therefore, we need to put a price on carbon “if we are to preserve life as we know it.”

The problem of course is that Hansen assumes that temperatures are driven by CO2. He offers no scientific evidence of this phenomenon — he just assumes that it goes without saying.

Hansen says: "People who deny the global warming cause of these extreme events usually offer instead a meteorological “explanation”. For example, it is said that the Moscow heat wave was caused by an atmospheric “blocking” situation, or the Texas heat wave was caused by La Nina ocean temperature patterns."

Wrong. We say there is no evidence that atmospheric CO2 levels have any discernible role in weather events.

Expect to hear more of the “loaded dice” analogy — in some ways it’s an appropriate one. “Loaded dice” are used by con artists — like anyone we know?


The Green millstone around the neck of Chile

Progress improves lives. It brings better, cleaner, more energy efficient technology. It reduces poverty and improves working conditions, health, nutrition, living standards and social equity. It generates revenues to pay employees, churches and taxes, support government programs, and protect the environment.

There can be no progress without investors, inventors, innovators and businessmen – or without developing energy, minerals, forest products, agriculture and the economy.

People engaged in these enterprises should provide quality products and services, at fair prices, to create jobs and meet people’s needs. They should be honest and ethical in their dealings with customers, employees, neighbors and regulators; transparent in their dealings with others; and accountable for their mistakes. That is the meaning of corporate social responsibility.

CSR also means providing consumer products and reliable, affordable energy, with minimal pollution, so that people can cook, heat their homes, travel and work.

American billionaire, Chilean landowner and development opponent, Doug Tompkins, does not agree. He became wealthy through manufacturing and global trade – by making expensive clothing in big factories, from organic cotton, petrochemicals and metals that required more land, water, mining, oil drilling and electricity to produce. He is a capitalist and industrialist who took advantage of modern technology and the global economy to get rich.

But now that he is rich, Tompkins has become a leader of the Deep Ecology movement, which claims the world faces an environmental apocalypse. Now he opposes modern technology, energy, economic development and global trade for Chile. Now he says trade, development, consumerism, fossil fuel use and cheap energy are not sustainable. Now he says they will cause catastrophic climate change and a collapse of ecosystems.

He has targeted Chile, because it has rich mineral resources, ecological treasures and a successful free market economy.

He thinks it is OK for him to travel the world, have multiple homes and enjoy a very comfortable life. But it is not OK for Chile to develop further, generate more electricity, and ensure greater progress and opportunity for its people.

His Deep Ecology Foundation and other American foundations give millions of dollars every year to environmental groups, to oppose HidroAysen, other electricity projects and economic development in Chile. They also bought land in Chile. They say it was to “preserve ecosystems and genetic banks.” It was really to create kayaking and hiking areas for themselves, and block north-south travel, transmission lines, economic development and true social equity in Chile.
Tompkins and his corporations believe they should be held to different standards

The foundations and activist groups are all corporations. They should operate according to the CSR standards they demand for profit-making corporations. But Tompkins and his corporations believe they should be held to different standards.

They think they should be allowed to exaggerate or misrepresent science, use scare stories that have no basis in fact, and be less than honest about what they are doing. They see no need to be transparent about who is getting paid how much by whom, to oppose electricity and economic progress.

They think they have a right to dictate Chile’s future, keep families from achieving their economic dreams, and reduce government revenues and people’s living standards, by preventing new development.

In Uganda, Ghana, South Africa and other impoverished countries – where 95% of the people never have electricity or have it only a few hours a week – the same environmental groups and their allies block electricity development, prevent the use of insecticides that could save millions of lives from malaria, and oppose modern seeds and agriculture that could reduce malnutrition and save more lives.

These foundations and environmental groups think they should not be held accountable for their dishonest and unethical actions, or the harm they cause to jobs, health and lives of people in these countries.

The fact is, their campaign against energy and economic development is based largely on deceptive, misleading and blatantly false claims that would land businessmen, bankers and stockbrokers in jail.

Deep Ecologist claims about imminent manmade catastrophic climate change, oil and gas depletion, ecological cataclysms, and virtues of wind and solar power over traditional electricity generation are based on assumptions, assertions, a smattering of anecdotal evidence and, in some cases, computer models and scenarios that bear little or no resemblance to observed reality. They insist that conservation alone will free up enough spare electricity that more power plants won’t be needed.
Eco-imperialism and environmental colonialism

And yet, despite an absence of any factual, replicable evidence to support these claims, they have been made the foundation for intense, well-funded pressure campaigns intended to drive public policies that raise energy and consumer prices, destroy jobs, and hurt poor and middle class families.

That is immoral. It is eco-imperialism and environmental colonialism.

Every country should have the right to decide its own future, based on factual science and economics – and after open, honest discussions and debates that consider all feasible options, the economic and environmental risks and benefits of each alternative, and the informed wishes of their people.

Too often, well-funded environmental groups obstruct this process, misrepresent the facts, prevent progress, reduce people’s choices and opportunities, and harm the health and living standards of families and communities.

Chile is blessed with magnificent ecosystems, natural resources and smart, hard-working people. It can have a prosperous future, and preserve its magnificent environment. It does not have to sacrifice that future on the altar of Deep Ecology.


New Zealand wising up

While cheers and jeers were heard in federal Parliament in Canberra when the so-called ‘clean energy future’ legislation was passed in the Senate this week, a much quieter emissions announcement took place in Wellington.

In 2009, the National-led government unveiled what was then the world’s first all-sectors, all-gases emissions trading scheme. This week, the same government quietly announced that parts of the scheme would be delayed because they were too expensive and the benefits were not clear.

Carbon pricing is no longer a big a political issue in New Zealand. The National Party has a massive lead in the opinion polls (52.5% of the primary vote). And those who staunchly oppose an emissions trading scheme will probably vote for it anyway.

Hence the shelving of some elements of the emissions trading scheme is not driven by retail politics but by real concerns that moving too quickly will harm New Zealand’s international competitiveness while doing little for the environment.

Moving towards the much-vaunted ‘clean energy economy’ remains the official policy. Yet agriculture will not be included in the scheme until ‘at least’ 2015. The official announcement explained that the absence ‘of any practical and real technologies to reduce agricultural emissions means that it would only impose a cost or tax on our most important export industry.’

While Australia moves full steam ahead of the world on carbon tax/emissions trading, the Key government has overseen an orderly and slow but persistent retreat. Due to the real world costs of pricing carbon, New Zealand has pulled back and is no longer leading the world. And that seems like the sensible thing to do.



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