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An Inconvenient Meteorologist


Global warming certainly generated a lot of heat - for CNN. Meteorologist Rob Marciano told the October 4 "American Morning" audience: "There are definitely some inaccuracies" in the Al Gore film "An Inconvenient Truth."

After the previous report ended up "stirring a new storm" and generating "a lot of e-mails to our show," Marciano followed up with even more things Gore got wrong the next day. "He does talk about tornados, implying that there's an increase in tornados from global warming, that's not necessary true," said Marciano.

In the earlier report, Marciano had said, "There are definitely some inaccuracies" in the film. "The biggest thing I have a problem with is this implication that Katrina was caused by global warming," he concluded. This time, he followed up with quotes from two scientists with conflicting views about hurricanes. "First up is the science and operations officer of the National Hurricane Center, a big time researcher named Chris Landsea."

Landsea explained why he didn't think warming was causing current hurricane problems. "He told me," Marciano said of Landsea, "the best computer models suggest global warming will cause changes in hurricanes. We should see slightly stronger hurricanes, 5 percent stronger 100 years from now. But the concern that we're seeing drastic increase today due to global warming I think is wrong."

Marciano explained that there are good reasons for Landsea's skepticism because the global data "is not as reliable" as the information used by the United States. "We're the only country that routinely flies into hurricanes and that's the only way to truly see how strong a storm is." He added that Atlantic hurricanes count for just 15 percent of the global total, so the results could easily be skewed by bad data.


Former CDC Malaria Expert Debunks Malaria global warming fears


So the globalization of mosquitoes and mosquito-borne diseases is nothing new and we can expect further surprises in the future. There is also nothing new about mosquito-borne disease in Europe....

Despite all this, a WHO official has claimed that warming allowed this cold-weather mosquito to settle in Italy. Whether this is ignorance or deliberate misinformation, it diverts attention from the real cause: the increasing globalization of disease as a result of modern transportation. World leaders have just been discussing far-reaching policies at the U.N.'s High Level Event and at President Bush's Meeting of Major Economies on Climate Change and Energy Security, where they were bombarded with this kind of distortion. The public will surely soon get fed up with constant hype about global warming.

Sadly, when they realize that the alarmists were crying wolf, it is confidence in science and scientists that will suffer: we have to stick to the science and nothing but the science.


Climatologist warns: Prepare for Cooling, not Warming


The world is cooling. Global temperatures have declined since 1998 and a growing number of climate experts expect this trend to continue until at least 2030. This, happening while carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions continue to rise, is in complete contradiction to the theory of human-induced (anthropogenic) global warming (AGW).

The CBC and other die-hard AGW proponents respond by publicizing selected glacial melts and the impact of dramatic but improbable sea level rises, the only warming issues that seem to grab public attention. Canadian politicians simply follow along, parroting scientifically unjustified AGW rhetoric while lamenting that "climate change is real!" They either don't know, or hope the public don't know, that climate changes all the time no matter what we do.

For most of the world's plants and animals, humanity included, cooling is a far greater threat than warming. This is especially true for Canada where energy usage, and consequently pollution levels, will rise as temperatures drop. More importantly, if we prepare for warming and it cools, Canada's food supply is seriously at risk since we are already at the northern limit to agriculture. Even a small amount of cooling would necessitate increased genetic engineering of crops and animals to sustain ourselves and further cooling still would end much of today's farming in Canada.

Yet, if we prepare for cooling and it warms, we simply adopt farming practices used to the south of us. It is the case in most parts of the world that adaptation to warming is far easier than adapting to cooling. Canada's situation is just that much worse due to our latitude. Despite this very real threat of continued cooling, our leaders still press for developed nations to dramatically curb CO2 emissions to counter possible warming.....

It is time to finally lift the lid off the Pandora's Box of modern day climate science and let the public hear what scientists are really concluding about this complex and immature discipline. With billions of taxpayer dollars and hundreds of thousands of jobs at stake, not to mention the future of our food supply, there is no other ethical choice.


Corals May Have Defense Against Warming


Ancient corals may have been more adaptable to changing ocean chemistry than previously thought, a new study shows. The findings may offer hope that modern corals can adapt as global warming causes seas to become more acidic. These fossil corals in diverse reef communities adjusted to an acidic environment by altering the way they built their chalky skeletons. Modern hard corals-known as scleractinians-form reefs of thousands of tiny skeletons made from a calcium carbonate called aragonite. Aragonite is susceptible to the corrosive effects of acidic oceans, which today has become a byproduct of a build-up of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. "We now have many different arguments to prove that these corals were actually made originally out of calcite-and not just aragonite that was transformed after the coral died and become fossilized," said study co-author Jaroslaw Stolarski, a paleontologist from the Institute of Paleobiology at the Polish Academy of Sciences.


Journalists, Global Warming & the Truth


Being skeptical used to be a badge of honor for journalists, but if one reads any newspaper these days, most reporters casually refer to "global warming" without any hint that it is anything other than a done deal. Too many reporters have completely bought into the notion that humans and their use of fossil fuels are destroying the atmosphere and "causing" global warming. Neither assumption is true. Of course, what makes this easier is the constant stream of environmental propaganda that attributes everything to "global warming." The list is vast and generally idiotic. Humans must now take responsibility for both droughts and severe storms. Winter blizzards are said to be the result of "global warming."...

There is no consensus-science operates on the basis of reproducible fact, not general agreement-and the critics are, in fact, a growing number of scientists and others who have come to regard "global warming" as a hoax.


Nutty concept of "endangered"

These native Australian trees are found in thousands of Brisbane backyards -- as well as being a major crop in Hawaii

THERE are so few macadamia trees left in the wild that growers believe they should be given the same recognition as the wollemi pine. At least 80 per cent of macadamia rainforest trees have been destroyed for agricultural and residential development - sparking fears that wild varieties are at risk of extinction, especially with climate change impacts.

Lismore grower Ian McConachie has set up the Macadamia Conservation Trust, aimed at protecting the tree that is the only Australian native produce to have become a major international food. The trust's primary aim is to ensure wild macadamia numbers do not decrease any further. Mr McConachie, a commercial macadamia grower for more than 30 years, started the trust after searching rainforests and finding hardly any of the trees that are also known as Queensland or bauple nuts.

Queensland nuts are found along a 600km coastal strip between Grafton, NSW, and Maryborough, about 300km north of Brisbane.



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