Friday, December 10, 2004


Some comments by Rush Limbaugh

A new study from the Congressional Black Caucus Foundation says that white people are more to blame for global warming. "A new study released by the Congressional Black Caucus Foundation suggests that rising temperatures will kill more black citizens than white citizens in the US while claiming African-Americans are less responsible than others for causing so-called global warming." So now even global warming is a racist.... Headline used to be "Women and Minorities Hardest Hit." Now it's just blacks: "Blacks, Period, Hardest Hit."

"The research, conducted by the Oakland, California-based group Redefining Progress, is being billed as the first-ever comprehensive examination of the health and economic impact of climate change on the black population." William Jefferson, Democrat, Louisiana, chairman of the Congressional Black Caucus Foundation -- this is not the Congressional Black Caucus. They have a foundation. It is the same guys, but they've got a foundation, and William Jefferson said, "We are long past the point where global warming is considered a myth." [sic]

Now, the new report for the Congressional Black Caucus Foundation has three main findings. "One: America's black population will be disproportionately burdened by the health effects of global warming. Two: Blacks are less responsible for contributing to global warming than other Americans. Three: Policies designed to mitigate global warming can generate large health and economic benefits for blacks, depending on their implementation."

Well, now, given that this is the Congressional Black Caucus, and given that we know what their politics are, if they think policies designed to end or mitigate global warming will "generate large health and economic benefits for them," what is it they suggest be done? To them, "benefits" all come from the government. Benefits all come from taking from one group of citizens and giving to another.

So they assume that whatever plan we put into effect to fix global warming will include government getting bigger and redistributing benefits. Has this not always been what I said was the point of the environmentalist wackos in the first place, was to grow government? And so now you've got the Congressional Black Caucus getting in on it. Eddie Bernice Johnson, whose last foray into the public was to call for the UN to monitor U.S. elections in November, said, "Time and again, the world's leading atmospheric scientists have warned us about the devastating impact of climate change. We now have irrefutable proof [sic] on its impact on our economy, our way of life, our health, and our children."

"The report claims that more than 160,000 deaths annually can already be attributed to climate change across the world. That figure is likely to increase unless action is taken. More than 70% of blacks live in urban areas which are in violation of federal air pollution standards. Thus more blacks than whites would likely be affected by higher concentrations of toxins in the air."...

one more quote here from the study: "The most direct health effect of climate change will be intensifying heat waves that selectively..." So the heat waves know where they're going! Hang on a minute. "The heat waves that selectively impact poor and urban populations according to the study..." You see, I'm sitting here laughing about it, but this is the kind of stuff, this is no different than the (conspiracy theory) CIA invented AIDS to wipe out the black population. This is no different than some of these cockamamie hare-brain conspiracy theories. So now we're going to have probably P. Diddy and Whoopi Goldberg and whoever else starting national tours saying heat waves target blacks.

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"Blair reiterated in an interview with the BBC that "we do want agreement that this is a serious issue and that we need to make progress on it. And so my ambition for the G-8 next year is that we get into a proper dialogue. . In other words, to get a basic agreement of what the science tells us, and secondly then to start a process which will allow us to identify the means of combating it."

Agreement of the sort Blair has in mind might be difficult to come by. Just last month, for example, the underpinnings for Blair's claim that the temperature rise in the northern hemisphere in the last century was the most rapid in the last thousand years have been pretty much undermined -- in a study by a believer in anthropogenic warming.

As Andrew Revkin reported in The New York Times Oct. 5: "A new analysis has challenged the accuracy of a climate timeline showing that recent global warming is unmatched for a thousand years. That timeline, generated by stitching together hints of past temperatures embedded in tree rings, corals, ice layers and other sources, is one strut supporting the widely accepted view that the current warm spell is being caused mainly by accumulating heat-trapping smokestack and tailpipe emissions."

The study by Hans von Storch demonstrated that the famous "hockey stick study" showing stable average global temperatures over the last millennia until a steep rise in the last century was flawed, and that the climate varied a lot more than the hockey stick allowed.

This comports with actual history, and with some common sense.

Consider what the climate was likely like in the fabled time of King Arthur and the Round Table. The myth is believed to have its origins in the lives of a King Arthur in the 5th and 6th Centuries A.D. This Arthur lived in a time when there were vineyards in Britain. Indeed, one reason that Caesar went to Britain in the 1st Century B.C. was to take advantage of its far more equable climate compared with Gaul.

But then things turned bad. It wasn't just the death of the good king in the battle of Camlann (crooked river) around 537 A.D. that caused Britain to enter a dark age. It was, quite literally, that things went dark for a couple years after the massive eruption of Krakatau around 535 A.D. It led to catastrophic global cooling, with two years of unceasing winter that in turn led to starvation and pestilence, and possibly the war in which the real Arthur was killed and out of which the mythological one was born. At any rate, that's something to ponder.

A few hundred years later, though, around 800 A.D., the climate warmed appreciably in what became known as the Medieval Warm Period (PDF). It was during this time that the Vikings raided Britain and set up colonies in Greenland and, possibly, as far west as Nova Scotia or Virginia, if you believe stories of lost tribes.

But climate just never stays the same. And beginning in the 13th Century, a Little Ice Age (PDF) led to the Vikings' withdrawal from their far-flung settlements. The cold period featured terrible flooding from snow melts. It lasted until about the time Prince Albert first took Queen Victoria to Balmoral in 1852. With such a cold beginning, perhaps that's why Queen Elizabeth thinks things have gotten too hot for her estates".

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Many people would like to be kind to others so Leftists exploit that with their nonsense about equality. Most people want a clean, green environment so Greenies exploit that by inventing all sorts of far-fetched threats to the environment. But for both, the real motive is to promote themselves as wiser and better than everyone else, truth regardless.

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