Wednesday, November 03, 2004


Some comments by Louis Hissink:

We are all familiar with the continued emphasis by the UK's chief Scientist Sir David King that Global Warming is a greater threat than another September 11 and and many plagues will be inflicted on us by global warming if we don't immediately cut CO2 emissions to (at economically disastrous) levels. Well it looks like the UK has decided to officially increase mandatory CO2 levels produced by industry. So much for Sir David's Position, as Chief Scientist of the UK, on global warming.

The move has angered opposition parties and environmentalists, who have dubbed the move a massive climb-down. Scientists "believe" carbon dioxide - released through industry, agriculture and the burning of fossil fuels - is exacerbating natural climate change.

Scientists BELIEVE ?? Scientists don't believe anything, either the facts support the theory or they don't. Only the religious believe, and that is why many scientists continue to criticise the "Belief -Science" associated with the Anthropogenic Global Warming concepts. But some media quotes -

"Factories and power plants will be able to pour more carbon dioxide - the chief greenhouse gas - into the atmosphere under allowances announced by the government today". --The Guardian, 27 October 2004"

"Projections suggested that if we stuck with the original formula, it would have had a devastating effect on our industry". --Margaret Beckett, British Environment Secretary, 27 October 2004"

"If current government policies stay as they are, emissions of carbon dioxide from energy production activities will grow by about 60 percent between now and 2030", a report released by the International Energy Agency on Tuesday said. --Investor's Business Daily, 26 October 2004

The British Guardian reported "Factories and power plants will be able to pour more carbon dioxide - the chief greenhouse gas - into the atmosphere under allowances announced by the government today. The move, part of the EU emissions trading scheme, was unveiled by the environment secretary, Margaret Beckett, amid complaints from green groups and MPs that the prime minister has bowed to demands from industry at the expense of the environment and the fight against climate change. The new rules on industrial pollution permits must be submitted to the European commission for approval".

And finally a perceptive editorial comment by Benny Peisner of the CCNet Cambridge Conference network:

"The outcry by Britain's political parties and large sections of the media over the Government's decision to increase CO2 emissions only goes to show that most observers and pundits simply fail to understand Europe's Kyoto agenda. As I pointed out two weeks ago, the EU has devised a clever plan which allows European countries to increase CO2 emissions by more than 10% in the next few years (on 2000 levels). A recent report suggests that the EU Emissions Trading Scheme won't force European companies to meet emission targets set out under the 1997 Kyoto Protocol. The report estimates that allowances allocated to European industries will allowed the EU to increase annual CO2 emissions by up to 11% (and that's just the start. After all, CO2 emissions are expected to rise by more than 60% in the next three decades; see below). Sorry Russia, but if you thought that Europe would pay real Kyoto money into your coffers - you'd better think again."

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