Wednesday, July 07, 2004


The far-Left "Counterpunch" site is disgusted with the U.S. Green Party. Why? Because the Greens don't want to hurt John Kerry's chances in the upcoming Presidential election. To "Counterpunch", Kerry is a far-Rightist as bad as Bush. Here is what they say about the Greens:

"Apparently, the Green Party has not only lost its mind, it's lost its entire central nervous system, including the spine--especially its spine. They've surrendered to the politics of fear. And once the white flag is raised there's little chance of recovering the ground you've given up".

I was of course pleased to see that they recognize Greenie politics as the politics of fear but how they arrived at that conclusion escapes me. But the whole article seems profoundly thought-disordered to me. If the Greens DID take votes away from Kerry, that would help Bush get elected. Is getting Bush elected what "Counterpunch" wants? It seems so. I cannot follow their reasoning at all. Not that I am surprised by that. It is also not surprising that, as far-Leftists, they seem to hate EVERYBODY -- with the possible exception of Ralph Nader.

More here. (Slow loading).

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