Tuesday, November 05, 2013

An extra sabbath

I am taking an extra Sabbath today.  I had an operation yesterday which has left me pretty groggy


Jim said...

We all wish you a speedy recovery John. You do good work.

Johnm said...

Sorry to hear that. Get well soon [please]

John M

Anonymous said...

Best wishes for a speedy recovery.

Stephen Fox said...

Best wishes for your recovery!

John A said...

Hope and trust you feel better when the medications wear off.

Oh, and for amusement -
"We ask you and your organization to demonstrate its real concern about risks from climate damage by calling for the development and deployment of advanced nuclear energy.


Dr. Ken Caldeira, Senior Scientist, Department of Global Ecology, Carnegie Institution

Dr. Kerry Emanuel, Atmospheric Scientist, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Dr. James Hansen, Climate Scientist, Columbia University Earth Institute

Dr. Tom Wigley, Climate Scientist, University of Adelaide and the National Center for Atmospheric Research"

Tim Gilley said...

My prayers for your recovery. Thanks for your work. Hope the medical procedures were all C neutral. :)

Tim Gilley said...

My prayers for my favorite atheist. Hope the procedures were C neutral. :)

Anonymous said...

Yes Jim said it, we all wish you a speedy recovery John. Elwyn Jones UK

A Lovell said...

Hope you are recovering well. All the best.

Anonymous said...

Get well soon.

And thanks for all the good work you do.

Bill W.