Thursday, March 11, 2010


Blogspot have recently imposed a page-length limit on what they will display. That means that when you are trying to look something up in the archives here, you only get about the last 4 days of any month. All the archives are still there but how do you access them? If you know the title of the article or a text-string within it you can find it via Google but you often don't know that. You may be just trawling.

So I had to change my template to a more "modern" one -- even though I was perfectly happy with the old one. But even with the new template, it takes you about 4 steps to navigate your way through a full month's worth of archives. They do that on Wordpress too and it is one of the features about Wordpress that I have always disliked.

And I was rather attached to my "Rogues Gallery" that I had in the banner at the top. I have not so far worked out to add that to the new template but I am working on it.

Anyway, my conservative caution has proved useful again. I have always maintained backup sites for my archives for which I use only my own html code -- so you can still look through a month's worth of posts at a time if you go there. They even have my "rogues gallery" up. See here or here -- JR

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